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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Edged and pegged.

Today I was met at the shower door by Mrs A. She dried me off and rubbed lotion on me. She then teased me for about 20 minutes. She would not allow me to come.

I was placed in panties she picked. She dressed me and instructed that while at work I will need to send her a picture of me edging every hour until I return home. I am not allowed to come.

She made it clear that I will be coming how she wants when I arrive home. She just sent the text telling me how.

" I can not wait to see you orgasm while riding my cock tonight."

I wonder how many men in the world get that kind of text? I mean it makes me so horny to please her it is crazy. I wonder how many women when asked would say yes to fucking their man, or are most happy being fucked? Hmmm

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Edging 12/23/15

I was instructed to edge myself the last night away from Mrs A. She said she wanted all that cum saved for her. But she needed me to ache for her until I see her again. I was instructed to film my edging session and send it to Mrs A. I did so and in return started to get pictures back which helped with the edging very much.
Yes, This is Mrs A

We ended up having a hard time getting out of our resort condo. We stayed over another night thinking the snow would have calmed but atlas no. It was still a blizzard. Roads were slow going.

There is a copy of the pass. We made it home without any problem. I can not wait for how Mrs A will claim the orgasm she wants from me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snow Storm

Last night I was forced to stay away from Mrs A. We had taken the crew to a local ski resort for a couple days for christmas break skiing. Mrs A and the non skiers decided to leave later in the day.
While the skiers got up early and made it to the hill. The day was amazing. So much snow we had no idea what to do with ourselves, except carve up the mountain.

Mrs A and her crew got stuck in the storm half way here. They were forced to stay the night in a town 20 miles away. This made her Sub very unhappy and wanting to act like a diva. Mrs A would have none of that!

I hope she comes in today but the way she talked she may turn back. In light of this there has been no femdom play. Though last night over video chat she made me give an accounting in relationship to her rules.

So, today the hill calls again. We will suffer though all this snow by riding on the top of it.

Merry christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sissification, Pegging and other femdom love, Bottoming

We have had college kids in the home the last 2 nights so things have been slow on the femdom.
Mrs A told me today She plans to put me in some panties and ride my face to a few orgasms while she teases me.

Being a work makes this a crazy day. My mind thinks only of that that will be like. I am so excited.

I just wonder how people like to categorize people who like certain kinks. Like me I love being pegged and dominated by women. I also like cock and bottoming for men. I also love looking pretty and feminine. Specially when Mrs A gets off on me doing it.

I find I love doing things more for the response of Mrs A then what it does for me personally.
Mrs A always talks about how I should do things that I want. What I want is to see that sexual dominating desire to have me in her eyes. THAT makes me happy. To see her overwhelmingly needing to fuck me. I love that. I would do anything to get her there.
I liked wearing make up. But I do not think of myself as a sissy.

I really love being a man. I love coming like a man. I would not want my whole life being spent as a women. I would not like my whole life only coming from sissygasms.

I also sit here and would do it all if Mrs A asked me to. I would do it for a while I guess.

I just wonder how couples or people find equilibrium with these topics. It has to be some kind of evolution over time.



Saturday, December 19, 2015

Femdom experiment

Mrs A was busy working yesterday. I being home for the day decided to shave, shower and lay in bed. I did a few errands around the house for Mrs A. She likes it when I do things to please her without her ordering done. She wants me to think of ways to serve her that she would love. So I did the kitchen, shoveled the sidewalks, took the garbage out and cleaned the laundry room.
I also arranged my closet a little. I moved over all my nighties and panties to a special draw she asked me to. It was fun.

Mrs A has been edging, teasing me for the last 4 days. I have not been allowed to orgasm but have come close. I have felt a constant ache in my balls. I also seem to get aroused anytime I breath.. haha.
I was almost getting to where I thought the chastity cage was a good idea, if she kept this going.

Mrs A does not like me knowing her plans. She enjoys the uncertainty that I live with when she is teasing me.

So, Yesterday morning she walked into our room and said: "Come with me I want to try something this morning."

I did not answer. I just got up, naked and followed her into our bathroom. I stood there as she prepped herself and her counter space to put her make up on. I did not talk or say anything. She did not speak.

She applied some of her face lotion to her hands, turned and rubbed it on my face. She then told me I need to use moisturizers every day for her. She then moved from the face lotion to a body lotion. She slowly rubbed lotion all over me. It was very sensual, intimate and fed my soul.

Mrs A teased me by saying how she loved her little gurl skin to be soft. She whispered in my ear that she needed to fuck her little gurl and I should plan accordingly. I assumed we were done and was about to go about getting ready when she slapped my ass and said

"whoa, I am not done with you"

I immediately returned to where I was. Naked, Aroused I waited for her to finish what she needed to do. Mrs A then asked my to close my eyes. She then applied make up to me as she did it to her face. Foundation for me, foundation for her it went like this until she had applied make up to me completely. I must admit I did look good. Though I wished I had shaved better.

Mrs A then picked out a nightie from the closet I had just arranged and placed me in it. Then I was allowed to go get ready.

Getting ready means a lot. I have to get all the toys and various items she request out. Get myself ready to be used like the dirty slut. I am trying to stay pretty in my nightie.

Mrs A came out in high heels, a leather skirt and a school teacher sweater. She took out her Cat-o-nine tails whip and had me bend over on the beds edge. She laid down a few whippings along my buttocks and backside. It amazes me at how fast I become hyperaware of that whip and where it is in the air. I have more anxiety about the next hit when I lose its orientation. Mrs A knows that. But I did get one where some of the whip caressed my face. That I did not like!! ouch!

She then changed a layer out. Mrs A went from a hot for teacher domme look, to a retro 50's cone bra and sexy silk shorts look. She went all soft and gentle with me then.
Talked about how she was not gonna hurt me. That she wanted my pleasure.

"I am gonna fuck you so gentle. My cock will feel so good to you my little pretty girl."

"I love your makeup. You did it for me didn't you. Wanting to look your best!"

"I know you want my cock. Oh, baby I want you to come on it for me." I have kept you frustrated for 4 days so you can get there easier my little pretty girl."

Well, she did fuck me gentle. It was when Mrs A had me wrap my legs around her hips and make out with me as she thrusted into me over and over that a river of come came. It felt wonderful but lacked all the pulsating ejaculation  I am use to in a regular orgasm. These orgasms for me are few and far between. I know Mrs A loves them when they happy. She receives as much pleasure as I do in making her come. I see how this keeps a man horny. I was still horny even though Mrs A stopped fucking me and leaned up for us both to watch me come.

She cooed and sighed. It also got her worked up. She started to fuck me harder and harder, (yes, I know she said a gentle fucking was in order that day) she obviously changed her mind without telling me.
I could see how she was chasing her own orgasm. It got me so damn excited. To see my Domme, My love of my life get so worked up to orgasm from femdoming me. It made my heart sing!

We chased her orgasm twice that way, but no avail.  Her words were: "So close"
I was instructed to finish her off in more conventional ways!

The life of a submissive, so full of fun adventures.

P.S. As I got cleaned up from our adventures Mrs A informed me that she had a gay couple that wants to top me. She is talking with them to see if she agrees. We will see how that goes over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Being cuckold at work makes for a crazy day!

It appears the holiday season brings everyone out of the wood works.

Mrs A has her current bull get a hold of her for a visit. She also had a random drive by fireman that she has played with a couple times text her too. She decided to tell me about it while I was busy at work. Her text:

Mrs A: My car guy is in town. He wants to come by. Feel no pressure to say yes. I am ambivalent.

Me: Baby enjoy what you want I love you.

Mrs A: Thank you. I know you crave my pleasure in all things.

Mrs A: I love you submissive it makes your sexuality apparent.

Mrs A: What would you like me to wear?

I picked these:

She looked amazing. I have seen it. But not this day another man got to meet her at my door while she was dressed so.

Here is the blow by blow in her text to me.

I hope you can feel what I did. ;)


Monday, December 14, 2015

Saturday under her control part 2

So, I have had a request to finish my Saturday. It was a Saturday basking in the light of Mrs A.

After my shower she had me pick out 3 panties I liked for her to choose. She checked to make sure that cage was still secure after her fucking me silly. haha.

She went with a pink polkadots on white with pink lace trim. She put them on me very slowly. Then Mrs A picked out a pink part that matched. Sheet hers on and then had us together hug in front of the mirror looking at our panties together. She loved to grab her caged cock. More pictures were taken.

Mrs A picked our the rest of my outfit and off to lunch we went. She did make me wear my tighter pants that day. The cage was rather obvious and uncomfortable. We had Mexican and had a lovely tie visiting with our servers. We eat there often.

She then took me to a local Sam club and had me push the cart as she prepared the house for college kids returning home for the holiday season.

After that she took me for a pedicure. She ordered it for me and got one herself. She wanted me to get them painted but a friend of ours joined us and so that did not happen.

Mrs A: I will have to paint yours when we get home slave.

Me: Yes, My love.

Mrs A: would you want that slave?

Me: Yes, My love.

We then went home and set up the basement how Mrs A wanted it. Since the house was still empty she had my stand for her in the middle of our great room. She then slowly undressed me. She started to suck, stroked my cock it was bulging in the cage. She then teased me how it must ache.

She kept pushing me until she had me lift her up and lay her on the couch. She then had me use my hands to help her come. She did not want me to stop. She grabbed my cock and held on as I had her come again and again. She squirted real hard once and we had a mess for me to clean. She then told me to stop.

Mrs A then made it clear that she needed some items done for her that day. She informed me that my cage could be taken off if I please her with my service. I spent the rest of the day doing these things.
We were so caught up on all that we forgot to paint my nails. haha

So, that night came and it was getting late. Mrs A kept me wanting and waiting as long as she could. She even went though our normal night routine to fall asleep. Once I started to feel deflated in that I was not getting out and was trying to settle in to sleep she touched me and said

"what am I to do with this cock"

Me: Whatever you desire my love.

Mrs A: I did tell you if you did good I was letting you out. You did really well today my good little boy.

Me: Thank you my love.

She then took the key and removed my cage. I instantly had an erection. Mrs A held her cock for a minute looking at me in the dark. I was holding my breath. Then slowly she sucked it to get it wet.
Then very slowly she stroked it up and down completely. She did not change pace at all. It took less than 5 minutes and I blew a mess all over myself.

Mrs A had me clean it up and then leaned in and kissed me,

Mrs A said: "Good Boy"

We held each other as sleep claimed us.

Sunday was low key. I worked we had friends over for dinner. Mrs A told me I need to be less submissive in front of certain people. This is hard for me.

Then today comes and I am being cuckolded. Mrs A is having her boy toy over and also an old flame that is in town. So how am I suppose to be less submissive... haha.
Her play time is a story for another day!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Saturday under her control

I posted yesterdays post this morning. I was told to stop to help Mrs A. So these are catch up!.. haha

We had a day where all the kids were sent off for a ski day, with the local ski club. Sooooo the day started with Mrs A putting on her fuck you heels and a silk kimono. She walked into our room and made a very simple statement.

"Put on your cage now!"

 I was so excited when she said that it made it hard to get into my cage. I think the fact I was not allowed to come last night after being edged for her pleasure over and over did not help either.

"Yes, My Dear" I said.

Mrs A: "I want you to understand that your cock is not needed today at all!

Me: "Yes, My dear"

Mrs A: If you achieve the things I want and need from you today. Specially after last night I will release you.

Me: "Yes, My dear"

So after she put key some where I could not get to. She came over to my side of the bed and undressed me. Mrs A then put me in the purple nightie she so loved. I got in trouble a couple of times for "trying to help her." dress me.

Mrs A: Do you think I am not capable of dressing you?

Me: No, Mistress

Mrs A: Then be a good boy and do what I say.

Me: Yes, Mistress.

SO, there I was a bulging our erection being shut down by a painful cage in a purple nightie.

Mrs A slowly caressed me all over. She would make me pose for her. She would take pictures. She coy with me about how pretty I was. I loved feeling pretty. She would occasionally spank my thighs, ass, abdomen. There would be strategically placed bites also.

She then made me sit in a chair a foot away from her. Mrs A then took out one of her favorite vibrators and played with herself in front of me. Telling me how good it felt. How she did not need my cock for her to be pleasured. She would not allow me to look anywhere except at her pussy.

I was so aroused and frustrated. You could see how much hotter that was for Mrs A. She talked about how Hot it was for her to have me caged. I worried that may mean more days in the cage for her slave.. haha

She then had me put her cock on with her harness. She then sat in the chair. He cock erect and welcoming me to it. She padded her lap for me to straddle her cock. She cooed and teased me as I did the work of sliding up and down her cock. She made me watch in the mirror as I fucked her cock. Grinding on it as she sat there. She said I could not stop until she came from my grinding. Her Feedlot  hit her  in the right spot if I leaned forward. My cock was running in it cage all over the floor.
All this just got her more worked up. I felt like a wonderful little gurl. Doing so well to please her and me!!!

She then stood me up and bent me over the edge of the bed. She fucked me as hard until she came again. Then she laid me on my back and climbed on top and hugged, kissed and caressed me. We talked and laughed and it was wonderful.

She told me to get up and shower again and she will pick out what I wear for her that day. As I was doing so she grabbed me.

Mrs A: I can not stand it I need to fuck you one more time.

Me : Yes, mistress.

So she made love to me face to face for what seemed forever. I loved every second.

Mrs A: My cock can stay hard all day my good boy. A devilish grin on her face.

Me: Yes mistress, your cock is superior to mine.

Then she slapped my ass and sent me to the  showers.

This is how a day in her service started. I may tell the rest another day!

Date night

So, Last night Mrs A asked me out on a date. I was excited to go out with her. We have feet of these Dates that do not include many friends. So us alone sounded wonderful!

We went to a local steak house. More of those chain like places. Mrs A likes a good piece of meat.
We visited and chatted. When it came time to pay the bill. Mrs A did. No one seemed to care or notice. I did though.

We then headed to a local Irish bar to see if there was any live music. Once there Mrs A ordered my drink and hers. "We did talk a little about what we would like" We then talked about the various aspects of a female led relationship. We delved into some femdom talk as well. She especially enjoyed the man next to our table at the bar. His neck was straining so hard to hear all our talk. To me he was another submissive. I think an alpha would have tried to hope on the wagon sort of speak.

Mrs A took me home and put me in a little purple nightie that she loves. She then told me that I was not allowed to come at all. That I will be pleasuring her all night and need to tell her if I am getting close to coming. It was a wonderful night.

Here is a picture of the nightie she put me in.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Femdom? Female Lead Relationships?

I wondered what tools or toys or items you all use in your life inside your femdom and or FLR?

Mrs A uses Chasity Cages, Feminine clothing, strap on, butt plugs and sometimes spanking tools.
We have never done anything on a routine like weekly milking or stuff. We have never done much for rituals either.

So, I ask you all what has been the best, biggest most useful things you do to keep things like you both want?

I put some pictures of the toys we use. We have added, blindfolds, restraints, and many domme outfits to the trade. But it seem more like ours is just part of everyday life. Vanilla sex for us has some flair of femdom in it all the time.

Like the other night. Mrs A wanted my cock but not me. She would not allow me to touch her. She put my cock with her own hands where she wanted it. Then instructed me to move like as if she was picking a setting for her vibrator. I did that until she came as much as she wanted and then she went to sleep. I just laid there aroused and horny and tried to sleep.. haha

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Work dreams

Today I am in panties. I have always wanted a hot alpha bi male to come and take me. A quickie would be fun. To feel his power and arousal. To hear him being worked up and building to an orgasm as quick as he can. To feel him release into me would make me happy.

I dream to be caught with my pants down panties showing. Here is a good look for me.

Mrs A would make me do it for her on Skype or in person. I would love that.

I must have something on my mind this morning. hmmmm

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

She IS the boss.

While at work yesterday I was teasing Mrs A. Being all submissive and such I sent out a needy text.

Me:  Do you love me

Mrs A: Will you put out?

Me: YES!, Any way you want actually!

Mrs A: Then yes, I love you.

Me: woot. woot. will get naked with me?

Mrs A: You will get naked for me!

As the submissive I spend much more time naked in front of Mrs A. It is a honor when she gets naked for me. She subtly keeps me where she knows I should be in this exchange.

Last night was pretty much in line with this dialogue. Mrs A got me naked but instead put me in a Red baby doll nightie. She then had me lay in her lap facing away from her. The back of my head resting between her breast. She then caressed me in my nightie. Massaging my nipples and reaching down to rub her cock. She called it my clitty all night. She kiss my neck and talked how pretty she found me.

Once I was leaking a lot she had be get on all fours. She then pulled her cock back towards her between my legs and started to finger my ass. She massaged my prostate with little light touches to my cock. She kept that up until I started to come. She then milked me until I was dry.

Mrs A then turned me over and grabbed my cock to keep it hard and started to ride it. She finally took her top off and was partially naked for me. She road my cock until she came a few times. Then stopped. Mrs A sat on her cock for a few minutes then started to ride just the head of her cock until it came again.

After that she laid there caressing me and I held her. She whispered in my ear that I would've to sleep in the nightie. I was all to happy to comply!


Monday, December 7, 2015


We spent a weekend in Portland this last week. We were there when the Timbers headed off to win the MLS Cup. We had business meetings slash christmas parties to attend.

We spent time one night on a party bus and Mrs A did her job to keep many eyes on her. There was some nervousness in the men on the bus in watching her and being aroused and also knowing I was on the bus. I played the DJ.

We found a perfect little black dress and matching shoes for Mrs A. She looked amazing. I sen spent some time with Sam in finding me a nice outfit too. He was tall and cute and I loved how he dressed me. I think that is one of my funnest parts of going out of town. To spend the day being spoiled and dressed nicely. Tailored that day.

Mrs A the next day had so many vivid fantasies of me and Sam that she was wanting me to find an alpha man to ravish me in front of her. It is hard for me to be in the business setting, mood and also submissive. They are at odds. I think if we had more days we would have been able to address those fantasies.

I told Mrs A that she should find a "diversion" for her while there and she laughed and said that is to easy. She had one every night we were there if she wanted. But she held off. It is hard to have my business partners who are a mix of international and national people to see My wife exert her authority. She does often and we just flow with it. It makes all their ears perk.

So what ended with a trip full of possibilities to play around with so many kinks turned out to be just as vanilla as everyone else. Well, except Mrs A showing many people who wears the pants in the family, and the sex that happened in our bed!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pegging full of love.

Mrs A surprised me last night by buying me this type of nightie. I was so excited. I felt so pretty.
She made love to me with her Feeldoe and it was perfect. I was allowed to cum and be held. But today work and life has beaten me back down and I hate it. But cheers to you all.

I want to be pretty again.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Beef stew

I am drinking red wine today. I have been home all day. Mrs A wants dinner when she arrives here in less than forty minutes. I am currently drinking a napa valley cab. 2006 silver oak. It is a delicious wine.

I am on the second bottle and maybe I have drank to much but my stew will be marvelous. I want Mrs A to be happy. I think she wants to see her boy toy but she did not talk about this. We talk about all play before not after. I still wonder if she changed things. I still will cook the beef stew and drink the wine. I hope she is having a grand time.

I want fucked badly. I want to make her happy badly. It is crazy when you drink wine all day how your mind messes with you.

Much love. I hope all is well with you all.

Much Love


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sissygasm not accomplished but orgasm was achieved.

Today I spent the day on the ski hill. This was my second trip to our local place. I took the kids and we had a lovely time. Mrs A was free to do whatever she wants. When we arrived home she was gone. Hmmm My mind is a racing...

Mrs A on Friday cornered me in the laundry room. I was busy with some clean up as the house was full of kids from college. Mrs A pushed up on my from behind. She reached around and massaged her cock. Mrs A whispered in to my ear.

"I see you have been good and my cock wants to take this lovely ass. Be ready to service me tonight and if you are good I will finished with a nice sissygasm for you."

I was ecstatic. It has been about a month sense she has fucked me with her strap on. I so miss it. I would have her do that as much as she wants and she does... haha. Every day is to much to ask I guess.

So, that night I was ready. She dressed in a new outfit I got her. Black silk ruffled panties and bra with black stockings. She spoke in my ear as she edged my cock. Saying if I serve her well she will fuck me like I need. 

I jumped right in. orgasm after orgasm. Mrs A has no problems coming. I forget how many she had but once she hits a threshold she wants cock. She took mine inside her and road hard. I told her I was about to come. She said to do it. I knew once this happened she would end the night without fucking me. I was so torn. I hate that. But I came as I debated on this.

So The night ended with tons of Mrs A pleasure. Mine was amazing too but felt unfinished, ah the life of a submissive. I did get to cuddle with her for a long time though...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My post earlier today was actual yesterdays. It appears I kept it as a draft until today. haha

So today I want to talk about cuckolding.

 Mrs A has a current lover who she sees when she want. I actually am unaware if he knows I know or that I am usually home waiting. Mrs A likes to share most of the details of their relationship but reserve much of it to herself and her lover. They do have a private relationship that I am not part of.

I struggle with this at times. I feel much better when all parties are open and are clear on the roles they play. I do think there is a variety of ways of cuckolding that many people do. Every couple has to find what is right for them. I do know ours has changed over time.

I found with some of our play partners in the past they would talk about me and would assume things about me because of the kinks that get me off. It is amazing how people need to label or categorize certain things about you. They want to fit you in a box. Oh you like feminization and being fucked by men so you're a sissy.  So you will like this and this. Sometimes I hate what they think I would love.

 Learning to role with this and see Mrs A and I grounded in our love is that matters. That helps pull us though some of this stuff we are willing to challenge ourselves with. Mrs A has pushed me a lot recently with feminine things. She likes me in a nightie. She loves talking to me with it on.

I am a bottom and love being submissive to another man and pleasuring them. My dream would be to find a male lover that is comfortable with both Mrs A and I as lovers. To know that we are both fuckable whenever he feels like that. That his sexual needs can be met in so many different ways. That he would want those on a regular bases. That kind of cuckolding I could get into.. haha

Mrs A always tells me that she may send me out to please others. It is her body and she will use it as she wants. Currently Mrs A only has her one lover and it makes her happy. In the end that is what matters.

This looks so fun!

Orgasm denial.

I am interested in hearing from people about what they get out of denying orgasms to their submissive. I am talking in a female lead situation. I see many post about how denying male orgasms make him more attentive, more submissive, more controllable. I just do not see that.

I do think orgasm control is important. Giving my orgasms up to Mrs A has been amazingly freeing to my brain. To know that Mrs A is totally in control of my sexual pleasure is awesome. I know it comes with worries and fears and excitement but it is also freeing. I am now free to think of ways to service her. I am free to focus on making her happy. In return she takes the responsibility of my sexual pleasure to heart. She does not ignore me. She does not brush me off. She talks to me about how she feels about it, what she is thinking, how she wants something a specific way. Then there are times she just surprises me. I like the mix of it. They are her orgasms and I guess to teach a lesson she can deny me on that purpose alone or deny me as a form of punishment. It is in her control.

Mrs A really is still emotionally tied to her ability to sexually arouse and please me. She says it makes her feel desired and sexually wanted. Mrs A likes seeing objective data that I do love, lust and desire her. She knows I shower her with praise and service in non sexual ways.

I have not had to waited more than 3 weeks to have an orgasm for her. It could come in a variety of ways. ruined, caged, from her fucking me to more the traditional ways. Many times it is life getting in the way, as much as her denying me. Mrs A would take me to the wood shed if she ever felt my orgasms make me less attentive.

Her most favorite game is to have me pleasure her over and over while indirectly having my erect cock rub on her leg, hip, feet. She loves seeing my body start to pour out pre-cum and have mini orgasms is the best way to explain it.

Last night I was allowed to giver her orgasm after orgasm with my hands only. She wanted to look me in the eye as she came. She loved even choking me as she came. Seeing my response to her pleasure was important. When we finished Mrs A said what was the most sexual for her was feeling all the pre cum covering the back of her leg.

After we finished playing she likes to then climb on top of me and straddle my cock. She did this last night. She sits down on it slowly and pushes as deep as she can and then stops moving. Mrs A takes my face in her hands and gets real close and starts to say come for me. She teases me about remembering her orgasms in my mind, how she felt, how she looked. She then says come for me. If I come with no movements she then rewards me by fucking me hard then. It drives me crazy. If I do not come after 5 minutes or so she climbs off and says  I was not focused enough on her pleasure.

This is maybe a little different way of control and denial but it is still exactly that. The other way she takes big pleasure in having me come is when she fucks me. She wants to see me come from her penetration only. Soft or erect she fucks me until I come. She loves that too. Makes her want to call me a good gurl!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

desire verse reality

My ideal submissive relationship is one where Mrs A owns and takes as many orgasms as she wants. That she uses me as an object that helps achieve this goal. At the same time she then limits or controls when I have an orgasm.

SO, I should have not told her that. She has been limiting my orgasms plenty. BUT she limits me giving her orgasms too if I am not a good boy. She also puts requirements on me too. This has not been fun. It is the worst punishment to give me and I hate it. I rather be spanked, caged, anything really. 

I am sitting here today feeling like I am caged and been disciplined. I have not had an orgasm in 4 days. I have also not been able to give Mrs A one. She flirts with her boy toy and I assume finding ways to pleasure herself. All I am unaware of. It is iconic in light of just a few days ago we almost achieved 5 sexual play events in 24 hours. Now total drought. 

I have to get better results in my hockey play to get an orgasm. This is troublesome but fun!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I was recently invited to go on a day trip to participate in winter sports. I was invited by a friend who has a huge crush on Mrs A. He is nothing but a gentleman most of the times.

At some parties when we have free flowing wine he has flirted with Mrs A. It is fun to watch. His wife is one of those women who dreamt of the white picket fence and perfect gentleman husband that never strays. She loves the traditional roles and wants nothing to change that. She will never take charge in the bedroom or explore sexual things.

Now my friend is a classic man who craves a dominant women to ravage him.  Hee has those mischief eyes that wants to push into many venues sexually. He is drawn to Mrs A sensual dominant nature at times. He is like a moth drawn to a flame. What fun it is to watch.

Well, Mrs A teased me about me having a boy crush on him. I do, my bi side does come out a little. I told her we should do a little challenge. I can say yes to this day trip and go or.... I can say Mrs A is free and would love to go but I cannot.

Mrs A says no. Mainly because she knows who he would pick. All I can say is I would be at home on said date. haha  We are way to close of friends to do any of that. To them all we want is a white picket fence too, well at least the illusion. My friend senses his own kind in us.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last night

I have been in a funk this week related to a very poor performance on the ice Sunday. Mrs A has a big presentation at work on Thursday that she is working on this week. So we have been low in our normal interactions.  I feel like I have been a bit neglectful. She reminded me last night in the most positive way about my duties.

Earlier in the day we had joked about having sex five times in a day. Talking about how this was something we did in our younger days. We received one of the many orders I had placed from my previous assignments yesterday, it is the retro looking bra and panty with a robe.

So once bedtime came around Mrs A changed into her new lingerie, while we were both working on the said above items. Mrs A informed me that she wanted me in a silk feminine robe out of the blue so I complied. Mrs A in yellow and red flowery lingerie and I in a silk black kimono sitting in our bed together, both focused on our computer screens.

I noticed Mrs A had started to caress herself. She would lightly touch her neck, chest, and waist. The softness and delicate aspects of my silk robe rubbing on my skin caused me to think more sensual things.

Mrs A then asked me ,rather nonchalantly, how many orgasms did I think she needed tonight. I was stunned and unsure what to say. It was actually taking a while for my brain to process this from the skating drills I was reading about. I pondered what to say. A cheap way out would be to say however many she wants, or an over the top answer and say thousands. SO, After taking a while before I answered, I turned to her and said four.

She smiled at me and said I can give her one with each hand, one with my mouth and one with her cock. She wanted me stay in my kimono. I dove to work at full speed to achieve these orgasm goals. I was so happy to be pleasing her. To see her body respond to my touch, to my lips was amazing. I so enjoy getting lost in her pleasure.

It ended with both of us orgasming. We then cuddled and tried to fall asleep. I held her for a long time as is our routine.  I then moved to my side of the bed,Mrs A does not like to be touched when she is actually sleeping. As I laid there I felt her move her foot under mine. This does not happen normally. I wondered what was up but kept trying to fall asleep. Finally I turned to look at her and Mrs A was caressing and pinching her bared left nipple.

That was all the signal I needed. I attacked her and gave her more orgasms with my mouth and hands until she could not stand it. She squirted all over our bed. Towels were needed.  Mrs A never feels completely satisfied without being fucked by a cock. So we ended this session once again with me taking her from behind.

We collapsed and finally fell asleep on a well used bed. The fun thing of it all as my alarm awoke us. Mrs A was ready to go again. This time it was quick, she got on top and road her cock until she came. Then Mrs A kicked me out of her bed and sent me to my trainer.

I smile sitting here today at work. What a wonderful few hours we have had and we are only two short on achieving the five times a day thing... Something, I think, to be proud of at our age...

I have my fingers crossed.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Duty

The last few days have been full. A big birthday party one night and a MMA fight/going away party the next. I was not able to do many service oriented things for Mrs A. I also was not able to exercise as much as I wanted. So today I was expecting Mrs A to exert a little more control. She needs it as much as I.

So I sit here in panties watching Penny Dreadful and awaiting Mrs A. She went out for brunch and pedicures with her girlfriends. Mrs A placed I in panties before she left. She started this process  by meeting  me stepping out of the shower. I was dripping wet and she told me to turn and face the wall. I did. 

She then had me place my hands on the wall and to not move. She then rubbed lotion all over me. Mrs A then turned me around and sucked on her cock while looking in my eye. She teased me like that for a while then had me lay on the bed. 

She climbed onto her cock and road it until she came. She then started to speak about the fact I was not allowed to come today. That she will be needing her cock ready at any moment today to satisfy her needs. She feels that if I come I would be useless to her. She then road my face until she came again. Talking all the time about her needs come first and that I was not to come today. I was not allowed to touch her cock. That her cock should be in panties all day. 

Then she sat next to me straddling my torso and made me finger her until she came a third time. Talking of her plans for the day.  She debated about putting her cock in chastity. She made me promise to not to touch her cock. Mrs a settled on panties, but told me to lock her cock up if the temptation was to great. Then she dressed and off she went to spend time with the ladies.

So here I sit. panties on, watching Penny Dreadful awaiting her call for service to ring in my ears. 


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Who does not like women in lingerie!

My assignment by Mrs A 2 days ago was to look for some casual lingerie that she can spend time in. She wants it to reflect how I view her.  No dominatrix stuff, we have tons. The goal in these purchases was to allow her to feel beautiful and also be functional. She wanted to make sure she was covered enough if kids or let say UPS man came to the door.

Some assignments as a submissive are way more fun than others. It is not that the kitchen does not get cleaned to a standard. But this assignment I may go a little over board. I told her last night that I feel this should be an ongoing assignment. Who would not want to spend endless time online looking at lingerie from around the world. Seeing all those pretty things and imagining Mrs A in them makes for a pleasant time.

Mrs A is having a struggle with work. It is taking up a lot of her mental space. Being supportive is all I can do. But no orgasm for Mrs A or me in a couple days. I start to feel on edge the longer it goes without her having some pleasure. So this assignment helps divert my energy.

I felt maybe sharing some of my finds. All of these will be in Mrs A closet soon. I hope they make you feel better too.
From Secret in Lace: This is maybe a little retro but I want to see how it looks on her.
From Dessus Dessus: I hope it is coverage enough for her to lounge in.
From Journelle: There is matching panties.

From Dessus Dessus The shorts and top together and the flowery lace has a kimono and panties.
From Ayten Gasson: We have this along with french panties in black with a matching bra. 

From Bluebella: The Bra has matching panties. Mrs A is a DD on top so the chemise here at the bottom my be the wrong cut but we will see. 

This is from Claire Pettibone: Lace and embroidered flowers. Top and the bottom.
This is my favorite. I had wished for many more options from this store. But I will watch closely for new options. 

I am also in love with Guia La Bruna
If she was still making lingerie I would be all over it. But she has moved on to swim wear. 
I can dream though.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mrs A in the morning

I did not wake soon enough to make Mrs A coffee. She was ok with it. I had a late game that went until 12:30 AM. I then had to be at work. I did receive my assignment for the day. I am excited since I get to buy her things. But Mrs A sent me a gift on my phone today too. I would like to share.
How she spent her morning. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

If your gonna ride, ride the white pony!

After my work out, I came home and got ready for the day. Mrs A had told me that yesterday I had all day to seduce her and did not. She informed me I could have dressed sexy for her like panties or something feminine. I could have offered many times to give her orgasms. I did not. I, at times, worry I might come across as if I am "topping from the bottom." I regret a whole day of lost opportunities.

So, today I shaved, lotion up, and put on some french cut panties. I sent a picture to Mrs A to let her know my choice as required. She returned home from her training session and immediately had me dance for her in my panties. She then made me bend over the bed and she caressed me and told me how hot I was. She talked of the things she wanted to do to me. She then started to finger fuck my ass. All this while biting my neck and at times rubbing my cock in its panties. 

After a while of that she made me lay down and she climbed on top of her cock . She keep riding until she had two orgasms. She would not allow me to come. She stop or get of completely and lay there. She then climb back on and ride for a while going fast slow or at her desire. She would rub her own clit in front of me at times too. She would choke me, slap me, bite me, talk to me about how I am just a possession to be used at her whim. I was happy as a sub could be...

Then all a sudden you could tell she had made a decision. I was worried this would end as a nice edging session. Bless her it was not! She leaned forward and put her elbows into my chest hard and grabbed my face on each side. She pulled me within inches of her face and started to ride me like a horse on a dead run. She came at least once but kept going until she saw me about to come. At the time she rode harder and harder. I came as hard and long as I have ever before, but she would not stop. Still staring me in the eyes she kept at it.   I could not handle it. She did not care. Finally she came again and stopped. 

I had the most empty brain of my life. I felt weak and had a slight tremor. I was so happy inside. I could not speak or think. She sat up still never breaking eye contact. She would not move with me still inside her. She began to trace over my chest with her sharp nails. Then all f a sudden she jumped off and left me there... Alone, naked except for my panties that she kept on the whole time, smiling ear to ear.

This is how my morning started. I hope yours goes as well as mine.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Touch myself assignment

Mrs A has assigned me this week a 5 minute a day erotic, sensual caress of my own body. I am not allowed to touch my cock though. She has told me she will pick the days she wants to directly observe me touch myself. Mrs A is trying to help me love my body. I have aways had a love hate relationship with it.

So I am on day 4 of this assignment and the first 2 days went well. I did it alone and was surprised how my body responded to my own caress. Every time I get a slight erection and my nipples would become more hard. I feel a tingle overly body and up my spine. I was happy thinking she forgot I would have to preform this act in front of her until yesterday, I receive a text that there will be a direct observed event last night.

The idea of preforming for Mrs A is arousing to me but also embarrassing. I find it ironic that women will preform sensual acts like this all the time in front of men. This role reversal in front of me and I am feeling all the insecurities of a Sub. Mrs A knows all to well how to push my buttons.

So, with all the fret, worry and excitement washing over me, I was able to do it. It went great and as always I was rewarded with giving Mrs A a few orgasms. She allowed me to cum inside her too. What an amazing night for us both.

So what acts does your dominate make you do in front of them?  Do they make you preform all exposed to others? I wonder what experiences others have with this?

Mrs A placed me in panties today because I was so pretty touching myself last night. She likes when her cock is covered with lace.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ladies night out!

I was put in charge of bring food home for the family. I had just finished a long day at work and was informed that there would be a "ladies" night for Mrs A. So after a long discussion with 2 teenage girls a decision on what food was accomplished. I arrived in due time with said food and had an enjoyable dinner with two very special kids.

I am currently doing a six day run at work so I was tired and happy Mrs A found people to have fun with. I did experience an intense sense of longing and jealously. I know it comes from being selfish. I have become addicted to arriving home and feeling Mrs A embrace and sharing time in the her space. I knew I was going to fall asleep alone and all I could think of was the lost opportunity of being with her. At the same time I was so happy for her night out. I loved all the scenarios that ran through my head. The probability of some crazy sexual encounter was slim but it still ran though my mind. I also wondered if she would see her recent love interest. It was arousing but scary to me to think these things. What I did know was she was free to do what she may.

To be totally honest in the past I would have probably done m fatherly duties and spend time with the kids. Most of our kids are in college now,  I have less demand there. After that I would retire to my room where I would watch a movie or sports. Once I was bored enough I would cruise the internet watch some porn and end up masturbating. Now that I cannot do this without Mrs A permission it changes things. She makes it clear at this point in time she wants to be involved with every orgasm I have.

So last night I played a little gears of war on my xbox and obsessed over Mrs A. I then cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. I tidy up the dog kennel and then tried to settle in for sleep. It would not come. My mind and routine was gone. I know if I had masturbated I would have been able to sleep. But obeying Mrs A was more important. So sleep finally came at 1 a.m. and it was restless.

I did not know when Mrs A crawled into bed but she was there. Her coffee placed on her night stand, when I left for work. I cannot wait to hear about her night.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Female leadership

I just received a text from Mrs A.

It said : Will you call the city and tell them we will be raking the leaves into the road tomorrow.

I responded to her that I would love too. This simple statement speaks volumes about how things are managed in our life. I get a variety of these kind of statement. They are simple, clear, and direct. Some times there is a please, occasionally I get a thank you, I even see a "would you mind" in there. But the intent is clear.

I have been given a clear way to serve my Domme. I know I will make her happy in doing it. Thus, I am happy. It even makes me smile doing these things. I used to get frustrated with these type of things, but not anymore.

She knows I am on a 5 day run at work. I work 12 hours days that sometimes turn into 15 hours. I am not home much now. She is showing me how she leads by doing. She will be raking. Her and the kids will do this.

She could call or have the kids call. This could all be done without my knowledge. I would not even know they did it since it is dark each night I get home. But by sending me this text she makes me part of it. She makes me serve her. She shows me she is in charge. She makes it clear who leads and who follows.

Mrs A could be a diva. She knows we could have anyone do this for her. Matter fact we have two yard service companies that work for her. She is wanting something taught to me and the kids. It is our duty to find out what that is. Because that is what will make her the most happy.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pegging my way to sub space while slamming into sub drop.

Last night Mrs A surprised me with a very intense pegging session. I was not expecting that since we had an event about a week ago. She was on top of me while we were making out and I wrapped my legs around her. She seemed turned on when I did this. She said "I love how you open yourself to me." " I love you are ready for me anyway I want you."  That got her worked up enough she got out her Feeldoe and harness. She stood over me masterbating her self to orgasm while staring me in the eyes. She climb on top and immediately started fucking me. She had a sense of urgency. Face to face we made out. Her intensity was amazing. Her power and hunger so evident to see. 

I was overwhelmed. The feeling was so over powering and I welcomed it. I kinda lost time. She kept fucking me until she had me coming. I thought she would stop but she did not. She saw that and got more worked up. She lifted my legs up and started fucking me harder. I kept falling deeper into this loving warm embrace. It seemed to go for a while. I think it was almost an hour long with stops and make out sessions, making me ride her cock on top, bites, slaps,choking, going faster, harder, slower. The second orgasm I do not remember well. I remember her excitement and arousal of it. I remember the "good boy" words being said. It was so lovely to me. I was in a very blissful state. 

She has never taken me to that depth. I felt her coming or at least close while fucking me. It was crazy cool. I then, in the moment, said I wanted to help her cum. It was like slamming into a wall while doing 100mph. She stopped. She took that as me trying to control things. She said to me. "Do you think I have not a plan to satisfy my needs." "Do you think I am not doing what pleases me right now." I knew I was in trouble. I crashed so hard I was close to tears. That wonderful inviting place I was in was being pulled away faster than I could handle. 

She stood up. She then instructed me to lay flat eyes closed. I was confused. I was unsettled. I think we both missed how deep I went into sub space. She then stood close to my head and put her panties on. She knew I could tell that was what she was doing. She then leaned over me and told me what was "suppose" to happen that night. How I was going to use my mouth, tongue and hands to help her to orgasm after orgasm. But that was closed to me now. She then sat on my face and said this is close as you will get tonight. Then she sat me up. She put me in a one arm choke hold and began to masturbate herself to orgasm after orgasm behind me with her other hand. She would shove her fingers in my mouth as she choked so I could taste her.

After that she laid me in her lap and caressed me and tried some aftercare. I was to lost in all this to figure out where I was. It was an awful feeling, shame, vulnerable, exposed, and it seem to crash over me like the waves of the ocean crashing into a cliff side. She had me suckle at her breast and talked soothing to me. It was not enough. Finally sleep did come. I slept restless waking up many times. Feeling sorrow and at the same time aroused. It was confusing. This morning I still am not sure of my feeling.

Mrs A and I have taken many times today. I got up and worked out in the gym and am at work now. She had me wear matching panties with her today. We will work though this. But it is a crazy ride.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sexuality and Gender identity

I wonder why gender bending is common in FLR. I should say common for the on line community I visit. I do not doubt that there are many FLR that do not fall under this. But reading many educational sites on FLR they commonly talk about gender role reversal as a way to dominate their men to maintain control. Have them wear panties. Penetrate them verses you. Control his penis and make it your penis.

There are even more aggressive stances. Like never allow him to penetrate you or at least always be in a controlling position. Never let him on top. Tell him to call his penis a clit. Feminizes him to any extreme.

I am one who is very comfortable with these things. I like them and get aroused. I honestly think women panties are more fun to wear and fit better with most clothes... haha
I think for me it was being raised by a single mother. She was my authority person. She was my role model. I also enjoy when Mrs A is playing the "male character" in our sex life. I love the feelings it allows me to feel. I love how it changes my view of her. It is fun for me. Mrs A enjoys it too.

What I am wondering is why? If we think a female is best to lead. That her way is naturally best. Then why are not the natural way a women lives and loves and have sex the best way to maintain control. I would assume that their answer is that this is the part that maintains control by playing into their males fantasy. I do not know. Just fun to think about. I really think social norms dictate to much on gender roles and the more we cloud them out loud to the world the less stigma will be there for all of us. I would say thats a good thing.

I think sexuality deals with similar social stresses. But I find it to be more of a fluid like dynamic. It is fun to think of why some people need to label sexuality. The language we use to talk about these topics naturally labels them. I think we do not have the words to explain them well. But in that limitation it leads to expectations too. Just as on gender identity society then tries to define the norm. I am glad that we have progressed to where many of these labels are not thought of as a medical disease anymore. We still have a long way to go.

I added a link that describes how I view sexuality. I think humans are opportunists. We are in the moment with our sexuality. We can talk all we want about what we label ourselves but in the right setting we are open to much more then what we allow our brain to talk about. Fear of rejection and our own worry over control stands in our way.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Mrs A likes it when I wear panties. She picks them out for me. They will be sitting in my gym bag or set out for me by my work clothes. Occasionally when the mornings are slow she will ask me to model them for her to pick the one she wants that day

She also expects me in chastity with panties. She likes to ask how the lace feels on my skin. Do I think they feel soft. Do you like how they hug your ass. Very specific questions about them to make me feel embarrassed. She also enjoys teasing me in them. She talks of how men would love how my ass looks in them. How aroused they would get. Just like her. She enjoys pegging me on those days. I even see a trend when she is horny to peg me I seem to end up in chastity and panties... lol

She loves to share pics of her panties on those days. It is fun for her in so many ways I had not thought of. She obviously knows I love her doing this to me too. Enjoy a few pics of what I am talking about.


In my gym bag

Mrs A sharing hers.

me cages and in her favorite panties

Monday, November 2, 2015

3 pump chump all over hockey.

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning up from the halloween party. Mrs A and I then spent the rest of the day together doing everyday family things. It was a cold windy day. The off and on rain kept us inside. I did not wake up early enough to get Mrs A coffee. But was pleasantly surprised to see her in the dinning room.

She was working at the table. She was standing there looking over some of her work. I hugged her from behind. She immediately reached back and grabbed her cock. Then she put my hands to work on her. She started to grind her ass into my groin as I manipulated her to a couple orgasms. She then stopped thanked me and sent me away.

Later in the day I was in my room and received a nice text from Mrs A. (who was just a couple rooms away) That she needed her cock in her mouth. I was happy to comply. It was at that time we talked of my hockey game that night. She said that I would get a special surprise if I was able to maintain a save percentage greater that 90%.

After the game last night I ended with a save percentage of 87%. It was rather frustrating. So this morning I was allowed to worship Mrs A on our couch in the living room for an hour. Oh ,what punishment!

It is fun for me when she is in that mood. When you can worship long enough all thoughts leave you and you focus 100% on the job at hand. Yes, even to where you forget about that hard cock pushing into the couch. I am not sure how many orgasms she had but each one was amazing.

Mrs A at the end pulled me up on her and started stroking me. She immediately wanted me to cum. Her command was clear "cum for me". I was totally 3 pump chump. The best part was we were both happy about it. It is Mrs A way of seeing if I am in a good sub space. She knows what her attention does to me.

I do want to note that its is fun to see "A married sissy" and "Under contract" duking it out over orgasms. What a great thing to spend your time improving. The orgasm calendar seems like a great idea to me too also.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween done right.

Last night we set up the back yard for halloween movies. We made a scary trail in the yard for trick or treaters to follow to get their surprise. We had tons of kids and families over. It was a wonderful night.

We thought the T rex was the best costume. All the ladies of the house were dressed as purple hair witches.

It was in the low 50's we had a fire and heaters all around. I was able to cuddle into Mrs A lap for the movies under big blankets. I am not one for scary things. She stroked my hair and my back as we watched. Sometimes grabbing my chin to pull it up for a kiss.

What a halloween night! Hope yours was just as fun.


Saturday, October 31, 2015

What a pegging!

Yesterday, Mrs A made my day a cage day with a pretty pair of panties. I work in the professional world and spent the day working locked up tight in silk blue panties. The panties have a total lace behind. It would some times work its way down my bubble butt. Specially when I walked a lot. It feels so wonderful when they are about half way down my ass but stay there. 

"Mrs A says I have a nice girls ass". All I can say is; Thanks MOM!

I often had to go to the bathroom and readjust my panties and cage. All day she sent me dirty txt about going to fuck me. That her "cock" was hungry for my ass.  She has a few options for her "cock"  but I think she is talking of her Feeldoe. 

She gave me an hourly assignment to do something good for others. I have to send an hourly report to her about what service I did. I did dishes, made lunch as examples. 

When I returned home there was a large teenage party going on. I excused myself as Mrs A played the adult hostess. I in bed with a nice glass of wine, laying there in my cage while in  blue panties. I decided to play gears of war. So the image was quite funny in my mind. 

Mrs A walked into the room after the first way of teenagers left. She immediately made me service her. She informed me that my cage will not be taken off until she had at least 5 orgasms. She loves how I use my hands on her. I fingered her and hit her g spot often. She came twice really fast, Obviously controlling my day so much had worked up. 

She then made me finger her softly and use only my tongue on her clit. She came again and again. She would take breaks and fondle my hard cock still jammed in its cage. 
Her last time she had me finger her ass and lick her clit. Then asked me to put a butt plug in her. She was well over 5 orgasms by the time we were done. 

She then stopped. She fondled and sucked on my caged cock. During this she informed me that my only goal is to please her. Mrs A said I had done a good job so far. She informed me that She would be returning to the party. I was then left naked, hard as a rock in a cage and horny as hell. Pre cum was flowing from me as she dressed. She then leaned down scooped up all the pre cum on her fingers and made me suck them. Telling me how to do it right since I was practicing for a real cock. 

"These are Mrs A legs. I love kissing them. I sat and thought of them waiting. Frustrated as hell and happy as I could ever be. "

She returned about an hour later and stood over me. She slowly took her pants off.  She slipped out of her panties and started to finger herself while staring at me. When she was done playing with herself she inserted her Feeldoe into her and her harness. It gives her more control. She turned on her vibrator and then told me to hold my legs up for her. 

She lubed her cock and me real well and started to fuck me. She talked about how pretty I was in my panties that day. How I was a good boy for doing what  I was asked to do. That I had earned her cock. Then she took my cage off. Mrs A likes the Feeldoe in the harness because she can fuck me face to face. She can look me in the eyes and make out with me. It was loving and was a clear demonstration of our power dynamic. Here we are, on our second round of sexual play and I have not yet used my cock. Nor had she. But I could tell there was plans awaiting. 

She fucked my softly for a while then started to slam her hips into me. You could see the vibrator and other end of the Feedlot was working for her.  The angle she was at was hitting my prostate like crazy. She pulled back and started to go softly again still hitting the spot. I started to cum from that alone. It was just a steady stream of cum slowly coming out no control no gushes. She grabbed my hard cock and held it for a while. Telling me to look at how good of a boy I was for coming from her cock. Then all of a sudden she started stroking it hard and fucking me harder. I lost all sense of control. I was lost in the moment. She owned me. I came so hard after then. It was like I lost time at that moment. I am not sure when it ended... But is was wonderful.

We laid there caressing each other. She was soothing me, telling me I was safe and loved. She had me. We laid there for a while in bliss. Nothing needed to be said. We both knew who was getting up to clean the toys and bed. She informed me she found a male Dom that she wanted me to service. Talk about getting hit with a ton of bricks. 

My mind cannot stop thinking of this male Dom and what all this means. She said she was going to meet with him. She said he likes I am caged and he will not need to worry about my cock. hmmmmm

That was last night!


P.S. I awoke this morning very erect. I sat there in bed thinking I need to get Mrs A her coffee. But then I heard her sigh and realized I was never inside her last night. She was only inside me. That made me smile.

 I know how much she loves cock. So I snuggled up against her. Once my cock rubbed her ass it was game on. She let me loose and I was happy to finally be inside her. What a way to end a perfect night, with a great morning in her arms. Both satiated I was on coffee duty. She then instructed that I needed to be in panties today. She picked a pair out of the ones bought for me and I put them on.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mrs. A time with her new Bull

Mrs A and her bull got a room and spent a couple hours playing yesterday. She took control to help him feel at ease. The classic order of making out, heavy petting, oral and then sex occurred. Mrs A said it was relaxed, chill and felt easy. She enjoyed it a lot. She withholds certain details from me because she knows my mind builds a better story, that gets me works up. She did say the last time they played he laid back and Mrs A climb on top  and gave him the ride of his life. They have texted a bit afterwards. I expect another date is in the works.

I spent the day thinking about all the things that could be going on. I cleaned the house, did a reading assignment Mrs A gave me. I also indulged in lunch with friends. It was nice.

When Mrs A got home we had a small dinner in a hurry since she was in a hurry to get me in bed to tell of her adventure. We crawl into bed as normal. She was clothed, I stripped down to my undies. I jumped in bed and immediately was informed I am to be naked in bed or around her in our room.

"I like it that way" said she.

I quickly fixed that. She then had me lay flat down and she sat next to my head. She told me of her adventure with her bull while gazing into my eyes. She caressed my chest and body. She would stop and pinch my nipples and tongue my mouth when she felt like it. She knows how to get me deeper in a sub space. She tease me by asking if I had played with her cock without her permission. I keep telling how good I been. She then allowed me to suckle at her breast. I could not help but become aroused. She teased me and then stopped. She got out of bed and went to visit with the kids and close up the house as She had me lay there all worked up.

I knew not to beg. But a moan was let loose from my lips. I heard her laughing in the hallway as she walked away.

Later that night, she totally fucked me. I cannot explain it, but when you experience it, you will know.
She then demanded me to be on top for our second round. I almost felt in control but when Mrs A  starts grabbing my ass and pulling my hips where she wants them, giving me commands to go faster, hard, deeper, reminding me not to cum, I realize who still is in charge. She has me right where she wants me. I can just say there is no other place I rather be.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cuckolding what is in a word.

I am sitting here, at home. I have no chastity device on but the total control of my orgasms by Mrs A is being felt very vividly. As she puts it "no pleasurable contact with my cock." It is hers to use when she feels the need. But the opposite it also true. It is hers to not use also.

Today is the first day in some time that Mrs A is meeting a boy toy over lunch. She informed me of this yesterday. I knew it was coming for a while. She has been caught up in sexting with him for a while. Mrs A likes these little sexual adventures. It is like reading a good novel. She just wants to see it from the being to the end. If the book is highly entertaining there are many meetings. If it was read and toss book then it is finished with one meeting. This boy toy is new today. He has been a little tease for Mrs A off and on over the last few years, but it has intensified since he moved jobs. He is no longer living near us so our personal life is less affected.

I like to share how she informed me. I loved to see how anyone who is listening would take this from their mistress. Here it is:

               Boytoy, wants to meet me tomorrow in between my work. I said yes.
               I want to see what happens there. I want you to be happy with that decision
               or I will cancel it. You are not ordered to like it. I want your honest thoughts
               on it.

This was the text I received at work. At first I was like about time. haha Then I was happy for Mrs A. Her work has been stressful and she has carried it home. She is so type A about her work and when there are challenges that are hard to overcome it is frustrating to her. I saw this as an opportunity for her to let of some steam. That is what I told her.

But as a sub my mind always races. There are parts that make me aroused. There are parts that scare me. There is a lot of breathing and letting go. So today I am off work. I am bound to her and that makes me the happiest man in the world. I am also feeling that control of hers so well my chastity device is not needed. But to have so much down time to think.. hmmm Maybe clean the kitchen?

Last night we had a fun sexual experience together. I love that we had that time. They are so important to me now. In the past we would have sex or make love and I would always be happy and in the moment. But I know now that I had not given my all. I see that clearly now. It amazes me the feelings I have. I want those all the time. I love it so much.

She had me lay in her lap as she caressed me. While doing that she had me tell her how and what I did for her that day. What actions I did to show I was thinking of her all day. She asked me what I wrote in my journal. We talked over this items in detail.

She then laid me down and edged me 2 times. Each time she stop when she saw precum. Then she would clean it with a finger and make me suck it down. After that she climbed on top of me and road me until I came. I could see in her eyes that this was about me. She had that look that she was not there for her pleasure but mine. It was both awe inspiring but overwhelming. I did not last to long.

I then told her I had a gift. It was a specific type of lingerie. She tried it on. I wanted her to feel very feminine. So it was soft and tender with bows and lace. I wanted her to reconnect with her feminine beauty and strength. She loved it, we made love again. This time I claimed her. She wanted to feel what I feel, when she claims me. IT was amazing.

So here I sit. Bound to her. Her cock unable to be used without permission. I am constantly looking at the clock and thinking of the physical pleasure Mrs A is enjoying in the arms of another man. I am aroused and unsure. But it is the life I have today. I would not change it for the world.

           Hope you get a smile out of that!