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Monday, June 6, 2016

Financial domination

Mrs A two days ago took my wallet away from me. She handed me some cash and said when you have spent that come to me and we will talk. I was somewhat dumbfounded. It happened before bed. We had friends over and I had drank some. So I just went to sleep.

The next day I felt horrible inside. I felt like I had done something major wrong. I wondered if Mrs A thinks I was a burden or problem in our life related to our finances. I was never given an answer to what I was supposed to learn or what I had done wrong.

I felt sad inside. I withdrew into my own head. Mrs A seemed irked at me for that. I was irked at her for what had happened.

We have talked and I still do not have my wallet. There are things she hopes I see and understand while I am put on an allowance. It has been hard for me. Mrs A left my wallet by my sink wrapped in a copy of our contract. It was her passive way of controlling me. I really wanted to keep it but I did not I gave it to her and am gonna try to let this go and learn what I need to learn.