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Monday, February 22, 2016

Caged submissive part 3

Mrs A started the day with her submissive in a nice pair of pink panties, caged and a dark grey nightie. It had a big bow on the front that Mrs A loved.

She then had me stand against the wall for a while. She would leave and come back and I was to stay in that place. She would return to caress and put lotion on her submissive.

She then place a jeweled steel butt plug inside me. I was then told to stand there for a while longer. I did as I was told. I could hear Mrs A helping the family morning ritual as the kids went off to school.
I did not move. Dressed so pretty.

Mrs A returned to the room after the kids had left the house. She shut and locked the door. "I like it when I know you can be as loud as you want." " I love hearing your moans as I take you."
Mrs A placed me on the bed and then had me help her put her strap on harness on. We have the sasha harness.
She placed her feeldoe in and then she grabbed my legs and spread them wide. She took me face to face. You could tell she had a goal in  mind. She did not warm me up at all she lubed and started fucking me. I could tell  she wanted me summing in my cage for her. 

Mrs A keep it up. Fucking me then making me ride her cock. She would tell me how pretty I was and that I was her good boi. She then put my legs over my head and fucked me hard and then soft. She would make out with me and others bit my lips, neck, chest. She kept it up until I was leaking pre-cum a lot. 

At the time she keep a constant ryhtmn telling she wanted her good gurl to come. Come on my cock. It slowly built up from somewhere deep. It was not in my control. I felt it travel the length of my cock and the slowly pump out all over my nightie. It kept coming not some big orgasm. But it lasted for a while slowly leaking out with each thrust from Mrs A. 

You can tell she was happy to see this end result. It made Mrs A so happy. She talked of how this is was something she wanted more of. Me too. 

She told me to clean up and come climb into bed next to her. She wanted to be held now that Her little bitch boi got his orgasm. While we were cuddling she asked me to pick a collar out of the ones she wanted to order. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Caged submissive part 2

Two days of cage wearing while teased was having its submissive affects on me. Mrs A came home on day two and teased me as we finished the night with family dinner. She grab my cock cage when no one was looking. We went to bed early since I was planning to leave at 11 pm for a hockey game.

Mrs A sent me from our bed to get her a serving of Scotch Whiskey. She takes it neat.

  When I returned to my room she was laying in bed naked. I handed her Whisky to her. She enjoys it very much. I was then informed to lay between her legs. I was to face away from her.

Mrs A made me undress first. She enjoyed toying with my cock cage with her feet as we laid there watching Johnny Depp playing a really good Pirate. He is the captain of the Black Pearl.

Mrs A slowly would grind herself into the back of my head. Her feet teasing my cage. She then whispered "turn over."

I was then allowed to orally bring her to orgasm. She wanted it slow. She grab my head and hold still as she rub herself over my tongue and face. After she achieved her first orgasm she informed me to turn over again. We then would return to her feet on my cage and movie watching. I was aching and leaking pre cum all over the place.

Mrs A then would whisper to turn over and allow me to bring her to two more orgasms orally. It was heaven. She loved telling me how pretty I had been in my panties. That she loved her cock caged. There was really no use for it since I was doing so well with my mouth. She reminded me over and over that she loves to control when it would be used, how it would be used, on who it would be used.  Then this episode ended with the simple whisper "turn over"

It was getting towards the end of the movie. Captain Jack Sparrow was in an epic sword battle. We laid there with my cock straining so hard in the cage. A river of pre cum falling over Mrs A feet. She loved the tension building in me. She for the finally time told me to Turn over. I immediately went to orally please her again, but she stopped me.

She told me she want my hands. I started to penetrate her with two fingers. She pulled my face close to her and we made out as I accelerated and gave her a nice penetrative orgasm with my hand. She loved looking in my eyes as she came. She then grabbed my hand and shoved my fingers into my mouth. Mrs A made out with me while my fingers where still in my mouth.

Mrs A then laid back very sated. She told me then I was not allowed to orgasm. That my cage will stay on. She would remove it for the Hockey game but then it was placed back on. I was trembling from the denial going on to me and the happiness of serving my mistress.

So I laid back. Mrs A denied my touching her after that. She would touch me when she wanted. She finished her Whisky and I went to play. Still denied.

I received a text from her before the game. She informed me that tomorrow the only cock that will be used is her strap on. My cock would remain caged going on day three. It took me a while to get into the game as my mind raced.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Caged submissive

Yesterday, Mrs A and I spent it together. The day started with Mrs A getting out of the shower. She then moved herself to our bed and handed my a body cream she enjoys. She said "Do you want to apply this to my body before another man massages me." " I have a massage in an hour."

She knows how to play with my submissive brain. I was getting aroused and loved every moment. I was so exhilarated with every touch of her body. The simple application of cream to her body was making me erect and leaking. She slowly moved to allow me to apply it everywhere. She would place her body in provocative positions to tease me. I could not help but try and pleasure her. She would stop me saying I needed to finish the job first.

Slowly as I finished applying the body cream all over she allowed me to orally pleasure her to three orgasms. I loved how she would grab my head and push me into her. She grind and lift her hips has her pleasure came again and again. It was so fulfilling to me and her. Mrs A stopped me and took a moment then told me to us my hand and fingers to bring her to two more orgasms. I was so horny and aroused but so fulfilled. Seeing her pleasure and glow after that was so rewarding.

As it came to an end we cuddled together. She started to edge me a little. Mrs A said "Today is a cage day. I cannot trust you after this morning" She put me into my CB 6000. She then applied the lock and took the key and headed to her massage appointment.

The day was full of lunch appointments and dinner dates for both of us. She loved massaging my cock in its cage under tables and car rides all day. We finally ended up back in bed that evening.
Mrs A took her key unlocked my caged and started to masterbate me. She keep coming with me to cum. She did not stop as I came all over my chest. Mrs A keep jerking me and I tried so hard to take it. I was about to pull away when she stopped.

Mrs A slowly smiled and kissed me. She said I was a good boy today but I did not wear cute enough panties for her. I was in my normal mens underwear. I obviously missed the the point on that. Mrs A then scoped all the cum she could and fed it to me slowly. "Good Boy" was all she said. Mrs A then turned and went to sleep and I cuddled up behind her as she did.

This morning I returned from my work out with a a text on my phone. "I want you caged and in something pretty today." I found my lock attached to my tooth brush. So her I sit waiting for her caged and pretty. I hope her work day goes fast!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day is for what!

My Valentine's Day was somewhat of a let down. I still have the hardest time not getting in trouble with Mrs A around certain groups. One of those groups is Mrs A family.

Mrs A had family in town and I was to go to dinner with them Saturday and not cause any contention. Mrs A family is deeply religious. We are not. I sometimes have a problem with expressing my distain for that. I did real well except for one small event. I used a "swear" word.

Then the next morning over breakfast I appeared to make to may jokes related to this same topic. Mrs A was upset at me. So once they had left I was left with a very uneventful Valentine's Day. I gave Mrs A her gifts which she loved. I did not get any gift.

Mrs A spent the day working. I did some house work and then kept to myself. We did make up a little later in the evening which was wonderful. The agenda for Valentine's per our past week conversation was a long day in bed. I was so excited for this. Well, Mrs A either felt that needed to be different because I my actions or she just plain forgot.

So now I am back at work. I feel restless and concerned. My submissive mind hates ambiguity from Mrs A. I try and not let it affect me. I really wished I had a nice pari of panties on. It would help.

I sure hope everyone else holiday was much better than mine!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Panty weekend.

Today Mrs A caught me leaving for work. She asked me what panties I was planning to wear.
I had mentioned that I had not planned too. She immediately ordered me upstair to find a nice blue pair.

She told me how she loves kissing me as she chokes me. She specially loves it when I am forced to rub my cock on her thigh at the same time. "It is such a rush for me, Baby" As she puts it.

So I wore my silk blue panties. Mrs A sent text all day teasing me.

"When you can, stroke your cock through your panties and think of me."

"I love how your panties look on you. Your ass was made for them."

She took me to a local gay bar to watch a Diva show. She loves that. She also likes it after the show is done and it is open dancing. Mrs A enjoys watching men hit on me. She also wants me to show what men I am attracted to. I try my best.

I think she does this to even help me understand my feelings. I am way attracted to the idea of being dominated by a man. To please him. But it is hard to relate that to physical attributes.

Needless to say this was how our Super Bowl weekend went. I am glad Peyton can ride off into the sunset. He better.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"You may choose if he does"

So, yesterday  I receive a text from Mrs A while at work.

My "car guy" wants to come visit me today. You may choose if he does.

Busy at work and mind on business stuff I was snapped back into my cuckold self. I looked at it and first laughed. Then smiled and then was curious of my options in response. I must admit I toyed with many answers. I did take a little time.

1. Mrs A never involves me in the times she tells her male lovers no. I assume it is a lot. I have seen her and in passive conversation she talks of not feeling up to that today.

2. She is asking me to obviously put it in front of me. Is she helping me clear up my feelings and desire related to her playing with another man. Does she sense mixed emotions?

She obviously wants to see him. Her dominant nature just says no if not in the mood.

 I simply said it was totally cool with me if she wanted him to "visit".

The day was long at work. She do not text me after getting my input. There was no post visit text I am use to. Submissive me sent out opened ended text about her day and mine.
Not once did she mention his visit. I finally had to ask how she juggled her day with all her commitments. She then sent a text that he had dropped by and it all worked out related to her other commitments. She mention it being short and sweet. That he was more lonely than wanting to play.
That was all I got.

I arrived home she was in bed. It was late. We snuggled and then she went to sleep. I tossed all night with all the things in my head. It was a struggle. She knows how I like to hear details. I was not getting any of them.

Then this morning as I was dressing to go see my trainer. She came into the closet and said she needed an orgasm. I was in heaven, as I gave her two. She held me from behind as I fingered her. Then she turned me around and hugged me hard as I fingered her to another.

Shen then dragged me to bed and demanded I fuck her hard. SO, I did. Afterwards she said thank you and that she had needed that. I know I orgasmed but was so focused on her it was not as pleasurable as some have been.

Now, I am at work and she send this.

Your task for today: I will come home creatively and physically exhausted. I am going to need an orgasm desperately and I may not be able to chase one. You need to figure out how to get me to a place where I want and get one.

Hmmm, The trials I must bear. I do worry that I may fail, it does have a sense of  a challenge in it.