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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Caged and Pegged.

Yesterday I got up to go to work. Part of my routine is to make Mrs A coffee before I leave. I was placing her coffee on her bed stand assuming she was asleep when she said:
"good morning baby"
"good morning love" I responded.

She sat up and drank her coffee. We visited a little and then she got out of bed and ran the water for a shower. I was laying on the bed watching her. She looked at me and smiled. Mrs A walked over and took my hand and placed it in her panties. I am well trained to know what that means. I worked her slowly and softly until she came. She then placed my fingers in my mouth. She could see my erection clearly as it throbbed and ached for her. She turned and walked towards the shower. As she did she said:
"I think you cannot be trusted so it is a cage day." "oh, and wear something pretty for me."

I did as I was commanded. The picture below is of me in my panties at work. I was asked to send 5 pictures of them to her through out the day. This was the last one I sent before I was done at work.

I returned home to find a family dinner waiting. After, Mrs A and I retired to the bedroom. I am required to be naked or in a pretty outfit in private so I was in my panties caged. I was laying on the bed as Mrs A stroked my back. She slowly teased me and we started to kiss.

Mrs A stopped, got up and locked the door. She turned on the music and slowly undressed for me. She liked to stop and rub her cock in its cage. It was aching and swollen. She would laugh and smile seeing in discomfort from my arousal.

Mrs A then opened up our play drawer and stepped into her strap on. She then had me stroke her cock as she kissed me and teased her caged cock. She then had me get into position and she started fucking me to the  rhythm of the music. It was rather aggressive. I could tell when she got the angle just right to stimulate herself too. She loves coming from fucking me this way.

She took a while and I was leaking so badly from my caged cock. She had me turn over after she was done. Laying on top of me she kissed and teased me more. Mrs A would talk about how beautiful I was. How I was a good little bitch and how well I took her cock.

She then took her key out and removed her cock from its cage. I was leaking precum none stop. She laugh and rubbed it and I was immediately hard again. She then climbed on top and was grinding herself on her cock. She kept eye contact and said I want you to come for me when I tell you. I was having a hard time not coming then. She then pinched my nipples and bit my neck. She would hold very still with me deep inside her.  She then leaned down, crushing her breast into my chest, not moving and bit my ear lobe as she whispered "come now". I exploded inside her. She could feel it and cooed at me about how good of a boy I was and that I made her happy.

We ended the night in each others arms. We both sated and content.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break

So the house was over ran by college kids. The last 2 weeks have been hectic. So kinky has not happened much. We are playing the conservative parents role.

We did spend a few days at a Music festival that went on for 5 days. It was pleasant. There was about 20 different venues that were offering a variety of music and talks among other things. We all just picked what we would enjoy and went. Mrs A made it clear I had a "pass" to indulge in some kinky play if I found someone I liked. What she meant was: I could find a hot stud and suck his cocker more. She would want pictures if possible. I did not find someone. But I do wonder how excited Mrs A would have been. She rather be there to watch live but we have ran into cases when I was meant to service a hot cock and Mrs A just could not stand it and took over. I then turn into the "waterboy". Not anything kinky. It just means I run for food and water as they exhaust themselves. Mrs A has tried to tone that down. She really does enjoy watching to a point. But like all Dommes they just take charge.

Now that spring breaks are over. The kids have gone. We will have to see how Mrs A tries to indulge her dominance.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

ruined orgasm

March madness is upon us. I have been super busy with college kids in town for spring break. I have had to work and Mrs A has been busy with her career also. It has been a low key week with a lot of family time. It is great to have our adult children back but it does cramp they home front fun.

Last night Mrs A and I had snuggled and was drifting off to sleep when Mrs A decided to show her domination. I was naked, as I am required to be, and was trying to sleep when I felt her start to fondle and finger my ass. I immediately became hard and responded to her touch. She then reached under me and told me to fuck her hand. SO there I was collard, naked and was fucking Mrs A hand as she cooed to me what a nice boy I was. She allowed me to come in her hand and then she rubbed it over my lips and face. Then told me to thank her for being a good  mistress. That she gave me this "gift."

I did and then we both fell asleep. So submission and domination still is not lost with the kids at home.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Formal Collaring event! Done her way.

Yesterday I was instructed to be prepared to discuss our contract over dinner. Then, to my surprise, I was asked to come upstairs around 2 pm. I was busy making Bread for the family. Mrs A was in the room dressed in a leather and high heels. She loves wearing heels that make her taller than me. She loves the power of looking down on me.

She made me strip in front of her. She then teased me until I was erect. Mrs A then sat in the corner of the room and made me turn slowly, bend over, kneel etc etc. She verbally talked about my body as if it was something she wanted to purchase and own. She talked about what she would use it for.

Mrs A started to pull her panties off while still in her dress. She backed me into the wall and then lifted her leg up around my waist. She then took my cock and slide it into her. She then fucked me like a man. Staring me in the eyes and at times biting me and choking me. She told me she planned to see how well her new cock and her new ass would please her. Mrs A wanted to fuck me after my orgasm since it was about her pleasure when taking my ass.

I came rather quickly but was able to last long enough for her to come. She made me put on a pretty pair of panties with a bow on them, then placed me on the bed with my ass up in the air. Mrs A then put her harness and feeldoe on and did not even try to warm me up.

Mrs A then fucked me for a while on the bed then had my straddle her in a chair and fucked me until she came from the friction. Calling me a good boy and how pretty I was all the time.

After that she made me kneel in front of her naked and well used. She placed the contract in front of me and asked each line item if I would commit. Yes, Mistress is what I answered every time. She then took a pen and we both signed. She then placed the contract in a folder and pulled out a little jewelry box. She opened it and pulled out a collar. She turned to me and placed it on me.

I then was instructed to cook dinner and clean the house. I was also told to figure out an answer to people who ask about my collar. Since I would be wearing it all the time. The collar has a 3 number combo lock on it that only Mrs A knows. Here is a picture of it on this morning.

The picture is of the lock that is usually worn on the back.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Cage/contract story

So two days in the cock cage "Queen's Keep" has been pleasantly comfortable. It is still a tad small but I wonder if it will end up being just right if I am in it for a longer term. During this time we have had ongoing talks of this contract.

Mrs A wants to collar me and have me sign a working agreement. I am planning to place a copy of it on here for you to read. It is written, like all things done by Mrs A, eloquent and perfect. She has covered most topics but done it in a general encompassing way.  I have not signed it yet but I awoke today with a copy laying in bed next to me. I do not really like being around her family. They are deeply religious.


This contract is a secure and binding agreement that specifies the relationship and interaction between A (mistress) and T (submissive.) This agreement is entered into voluntarily and at the pleasure of both parties.

Both parties acknowledge that their marriage is at the center of their existence. They love each other madly and always fucking will. They also acknowledge that the submissive has a deep need for female control, and the mistress is pleased by controlling him. This contract only serves as a concrete artifact of what their bodies express already.

Section 1: The Mistress’s Responsibilities
  • The mistress will love, care for, protect, and cherish her submissive.
  • The mistress will dedicate significant time, effort, and creativity to her submissive.
  • She will assume control of her submissive’s body and any other area of his life that she deems worthy of her control.
  • She will communicate her demands clearly and provide the consequences for meeting or failing to meet her demands.
  • She will control him as she sees fit, offering whatever incentive or punishment she deems essential.  
  • She will seek out her own pleasure as she sees fit. She will inform her submissive of any physical play with others and give him the opportunity to voice his concerns.

Section 2: The Submissive’s Role

  • The submissive agrees to submit completely to his mistress in all ways that she requires. Because she is a (relatively) sane human being who will never cause lasting harm or get him arrested, there are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the submissive may willfully refuse to obey his mistress’s wishes.
  • If her submissive is confused about any command, he is expected to seek clarification.
  • The submissive is expected to make his own desires clear and to accept his mistress’s decisions/timing graciously. She will make every attempt to communicate this effectively and lovingly.
  • The submissive knows that his body belongs to his mistress, and he will treat it kindly, lovingly, and erotically.
  • He will be undressed or erotically dressed in private.
  • He is required to be sexually available to her at her whim, in any way, at any time, and under any conditions that she wishes.
  • The submissive will actively look and act upon for ways to please his mistress. If those ways involve more than $100, he will discuss it with her first.
  • The submissive is required to report on his actions and infractions, whether or not the mistress initiates that conversation. The submissive will keep an active list on his phone that reminds him of the specific tasks he is to fulfill and when he is supposed to fulfill them.
  • The submissive will make a formal report of his behavior each Sunday night. His mistress will decide what benefits and punishments he will gain from his behavior.
  • The submissive will give and receive no orgasms during their sexual play or on his own without his mistress’s express permission.
  • The submissive will maintain the sex toys and will bring new ideas to his mistress as he finds them.
  • The submissive accepts that he will often be bored and frustrated. While he may make requests of his mistress, he is ultimately responsible to entertain himself in a non-sexual fashion.
  • The submissive is required to tell his mistress if her actions cause him displeasure of any sort. This does not automatically require her to change her actions, but she will listen to his reasoning before making any further decisions.
  • The submissive has permission to seek out erotic outlets as he wishes, as long as he asks his mistress for express permission at the first significant arousal.
  • If the submissive is around the mistress’s family, he will be sober, loving, and attentive in every way.

Section 3: Renewal and Renegotiation:

This contract will be formally renegotiated and renewed each year on our wedding anniversary. At any time, either party may initiate a conversation to void or renegotiate this contract.

_______________________ ________________________

Mistress’s Signature Submissive’s Signature

Friday, March 4, 2016

New Cock cage and contract items.

We are having ongoing talks about this contract. I have put together a theme of topics to talk about.
We both clearly see this more as a reflection of our current level of female led life. There is a lot of on line contracts that seem about being a slave or even hatred indirectly towards men. The idea at a single man should atone for what all men have done to women is crazy.

Some women are better situated and have the right temperament to lead. Some do not. I also find my submission is to someone who has more or less deserved and earned it. I do not see me to submissive towards others. Unless Mrs A requires it. haha

Here is a few topics. We plan to cover.
behavior wanted or unwanted
dress, feminization
ritual, traditions
personal service
chastity, orgasm control
rewards, punishment
privileges, rewards
handing conflicts
sexual interactions
family decisions, direction
household duties 
Submissive responsibilities
Dominant responsibilities

I personally am excited to see which one seems to bring Mrs A alive. She seems to want the same things. 
Also, I received my Queens Keep cock cage in the mail yesterday from Mature Metal. 
Mrs A spent no time placing me in it. We went with the screw key also. So I have been screwed into my cock cage literally. 
Queen's Keep


Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Mrs A informed me today that she wants me to work on the outline of a contract between her and I. She would like to collar me and have us agree and sign a contract at the end of the week.

I have mixed feelings on this topic. Mrs A and I have been in a domme/submissive relationship are whole marriage. We just never really used those terms. She has always been in control and she has given up control as she wants of certain things.

The last 2 years I have explored more formally this female led relationship. It has spoken to my brain on a deep level. I do not think it has for Mrs A. Mrs A has always felt in charge so it was do big deal for her. What she hated was us using word to define things. She did not like owning her leadership role. She truly enjoyed the knowledge of being charge without being accountable of that. Now that we talk about these roles and responsibilities she gets concerned. She worries I may resent her in the long run.

Either way it is going to be interesting to see how it turns out. I worry she is not invested enough, she worries I will resent her for her leadership. We will see.