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Saturday, October 31, 2015

What a pegging!

Yesterday, Mrs A made my day a cage day with a pretty pair of panties. I work in the professional world and spent the day working locked up tight in silk blue panties. The panties have a total lace behind. It would some times work its way down my bubble butt. Specially when I walked a lot. It feels so wonderful when they are about half way down my ass but stay there. 

"Mrs A says I have a nice girls ass". All I can say is; Thanks MOM!

I often had to go to the bathroom and readjust my panties and cage. All day she sent me dirty txt about going to fuck me. That her "cock" was hungry for my ass.  She has a few options for her "cock"  but I think she is talking of her Feeldoe. 

She gave me an hourly assignment to do something good for others. I have to send an hourly report to her about what service I did. I did dishes, made lunch as examples. 

When I returned home there was a large teenage party going on. I excused myself as Mrs A played the adult hostess. I in bed with a nice glass of wine, laying there in my cage while in  blue panties. I decided to play gears of war. So the image was quite funny in my mind. 

Mrs A walked into the room after the first way of teenagers left. She immediately made me service her. She informed me that my cage will not be taken off until she had at least 5 orgasms. She loves how I use my hands on her. I fingered her and hit her g spot often. She came twice really fast, Obviously controlling my day so much had worked up. 

She then made me finger her softly and use only my tongue on her clit. She came again and again. She would take breaks and fondle my hard cock still jammed in its cage. 
Her last time she had me finger her ass and lick her clit. Then asked me to put a butt plug in her. She was well over 5 orgasms by the time we were done. 

She then stopped. She fondled and sucked on my caged cock. During this she informed me that my only goal is to please her. Mrs A said I had done a good job so far. She informed me that She would be returning to the party. I was then left naked, hard as a rock in a cage and horny as hell. Pre cum was flowing from me as she dressed. She then leaned down scooped up all the pre cum on her fingers and made me suck them. Telling me how to do it right since I was practicing for a real cock. 

"These are Mrs A legs. I love kissing them. I sat and thought of them waiting. Frustrated as hell and happy as I could ever be. "

She returned about an hour later and stood over me. She slowly took her pants off.  She slipped out of her panties and started to finger herself while staring at me. When she was done playing with herself she inserted her Feeldoe into her and her harness. It gives her more control. She turned on her vibrator and then told me to hold my legs up for her. 

She lubed her cock and me real well and started to fuck me. She talked about how pretty I was in my panties that day. How I was a good boy for doing what  I was asked to do. That I had earned her cock. Then she took my cage off. Mrs A likes the Feeldoe in the harness because she can fuck me face to face. She can look me in the eyes and make out with me. It was loving and was a clear demonstration of our power dynamic. Here we are, on our second round of sexual play and I have not yet used my cock. Nor had she. But I could tell there was plans awaiting. 

She fucked my softly for a while then started to slam her hips into me. You could see the vibrator and other end of the Feedlot was working for her.  The angle she was at was hitting my prostate like crazy. She pulled back and started to go softly again still hitting the spot. I started to cum from that alone. It was just a steady stream of cum slowly coming out no control no gushes. She grabbed my hard cock and held it for a while. Telling me to look at how good of a boy I was for coming from her cock. Then all of a sudden she started stroking it hard and fucking me harder. I lost all sense of control. I was lost in the moment. She owned me. I came so hard after then. It was like I lost time at that moment. I am not sure when it ended... But is was wonderful.

We laid there caressing each other. She was soothing me, telling me I was safe and loved. She had me. We laid there for a while in bliss. Nothing needed to be said. We both knew who was getting up to clean the toys and bed. She informed me she found a male Dom that she wanted me to service. Talk about getting hit with a ton of bricks. 

My mind cannot stop thinking of this male Dom and what all this means. She said she was going to meet with him. She said he likes I am caged and he will not need to worry about my cock. hmmmmm

That was last night!


P.S. I awoke this morning very erect. I sat there in bed thinking I need to get Mrs A her coffee. But then I heard her sigh and realized I was never inside her last night. She was only inside me. That made me smile.

 I know how much she loves cock. So I snuggled up against her. Once my cock rubbed her ass it was game on. She let me loose and I was happy to finally be inside her. What a way to end a perfect night, with a great morning in her arms. Both satiated I was on coffee duty. She then instructed that I needed to be in panties today. She picked a pair out of the ones bought for me and I put them on.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mrs. A time with her new Bull

Mrs A and her bull got a room and spent a couple hours playing yesterday. She took control to help him feel at ease. The classic order of making out, heavy petting, oral and then sex occurred. Mrs A said it was relaxed, chill and felt easy. She enjoyed it a lot. She withholds certain details from me because she knows my mind builds a better story, that gets me works up. She did say the last time they played he laid back and Mrs A climb on top  and gave him the ride of his life. They have texted a bit afterwards. I expect another date is in the works.

I spent the day thinking about all the things that could be going on. I cleaned the house, did a reading assignment Mrs A gave me. I also indulged in lunch with friends. It was nice.

When Mrs A got home we had a small dinner in a hurry since she was in a hurry to get me in bed to tell of her adventure. We crawl into bed as normal. She was clothed, I stripped down to my undies. I jumped in bed and immediately was informed I am to be naked in bed or around her in our room.

"I like it that way" said she.

I quickly fixed that. She then had me lay flat down and she sat next to my head. She told me of her adventure with her bull while gazing into my eyes. She caressed my chest and body. She would stop and pinch my nipples and tongue my mouth when she felt like it. She knows how to get me deeper in a sub space. She tease me by asking if I had played with her cock without her permission. I keep telling how good I been. She then allowed me to suckle at her breast. I could not help but become aroused. She teased me and then stopped. She got out of bed and went to visit with the kids and close up the house as She had me lay there all worked up.

I knew not to beg. But a moan was let loose from my lips. I heard her laughing in the hallway as she walked away.

Later that night, she totally fucked me. I cannot explain it, but when you experience it, you will know.
She then demanded me to be on top for our second round. I almost felt in control but when Mrs A  starts grabbing my ass and pulling my hips where she wants them, giving me commands to go faster, hard, deeper, reminding me not to cum, I realize who still is in charge. She has me right where she wants me. I can just say there is no other place I rather be.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cuckolding what is in a word.

I am sitting here, at home. I have no chastity device on but the total control of my orgasms by Mrs A is being felt very vividly. As she puts it "no pleasurable contact with my cock." It is hers to use when she feels the need. But the opposite it also true. It is hers to not use also.

Today is the first day in some time that Mrs A is meeting a boy toy over lunch. She informed me of this yesterday. I knew it was coming for a while. She has been caught up in sexting with him for a while. Mrs A likes these little sexual adventures. It is like reading a good novel. She just wants to see it from the being to the end. If the book is highly entertaining there are many meetings. If it was read and toss book then it is finished with one meeting. This boy toy is new today. He has been a little tease for Mrs A off and on over the last few years, but it has intensified since he moved jobs. He is no longer living near us so our personal life is less affected.

I like to share how she informed me. I loved to see how anyone who is listening would take this from their mistress. Here it is:

               Boytoy, wants to meet me tomorrow in between my work. I said yes.
               I want to see what happens there. I want you to be happy with that decision
               or I will cancel it. You are not ordered to like it. I want your honest thoughts
               on it.

This was the text I received at work. At first I was like about time. haha Then I was happy for Mrs A. Her work has been stressful and she has carried it home. She is so type A about her work and when there are challenges that are hard to overcome it is frustrating to her. I saw this as an opportunity for her to let of some steam. That is what I told her.

But as a sub my mind always races. There are parts that make me aroused. There are parts that scare me. There is a lot of breathing and letting go. So today I am off work. I am bound to her and that makes me the happiest man in the world. I am also feeling that control of hers so well my chastity device is not needed. But to have so much down time to think.. hmmm Maybe clean the kitchen?

Last night we had a fun sexual experience together. I love that we had that time. They are so important to me now. In the past we would have sex or make love and I would always be happy and in the moment. But I know now that I had not given my all. I see that clearly now. It amazes me the feelings I have. I want those all the time. I love it so much.

She had me lay in her lap as she caressed me. While doing that she had me tell her how and what I did for her that day. What actions I did to show I was thinking of her all day. She asked me what I wrote in my journal. We talked over this items in detail.

She then laid me down and edged me 2 times. Each time she stop when she saw precum. Then she would clean it with a finger and make me suck it down. After that she climbed on top of me and road me until I came. I could see in her eyes that this was about me. She had that look that she was not there for her pleasure but mine. It was both awe inspiring but overwhelming. I did not last to long.

I then told her I had a gift. It was a specific type of lingerie. She tried it on. I wanted her to feel very feminine. So it was soft and tender with bows and lace. I wanted her to reconnect with her feminine beauty and strength. She loved it, we made love again. This time I claimed her. She wanted to feel what I feel, when she claims me. IT was amazing.

So here I sit. Bound to her. Her cock unable to be used without permission. I am constantly looking at the clock and thinking of the physical pleasure Mrs A is enjoying in the arms of another man. I am aroused and unsure. But it is the life I have today. I would not change it for the world.

           Hope you get a smile out of that!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Orgasm control

I just finished working out with my trainer. I spent last night with my head in the lap of Mrs A. She caressed me and we cuddled for a couple hours. Then bed time. She seemed sad and frustrated with some work issues and could not get them out of her mind. I made sure I was there for any needs she may have but no sexual play happened. I hope I was able to give her what she needed in comfort. It is hard when she keeps most things to herself.

She has total control over my orgasms. She sometime keeps me in chastity and sometimes not. She expects me to save myself for her. She, on the other hand, has orgasms when she wants. I still get sad when I see that her vibrator is being charged. It puts out a small light as it charges so I really never notice until bed time and can see the glow of the light. That is when I find out she took care of her needs herself. She sometimes does that while video chatting with someone or sexting with another. Sometimes just alone in her own head. Either way it makes her happy so I am happy. But there is a sting, very little one, but it is there.

We have no ritual or expectation of things when it comes to our play life. When Mrs A wants something she gets it. It happens how she wants, where she wants and with who she wants. We do keep some level of communication if there our things that she wants that could expose our marriage to questions.  Like going on a date with another man but other than that it is what it is.

We talked this morning about a possible financial issue in our family and she was very open about how it would be best to handle. I will work towards those points for her.

As a submissive how do you best manage yourself to be more receptive to your dominates needs?
How do you share your thoughts and dreams in a way that does not come across as you "topping from the bottom"?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Discovery of Female led relationships and femdom

Back in November of last year I was laid up for a while. I spent time on the internet and found various topics on the roles and relationships that involve women controlling things. I read lots and saw a wide variety of interest in this.
Here are few interesting things that came to me while looking.

1. I felt amazing seeing people talking and being comfortable with their submissive nature. 

2. It was cool seeing people accepting of submissive men.

3. I was confused with how some attempt to degrade or devalue submissive men. 

4. It was interesting to see how many people take certain kinks, or a fetish and assume it is submission. 

5. It was amazing to see the happiness expressed by people who are accepting of themselves. 

6. I laughed at the idea of female leadership in a marriage needing parts that if the roles were reversed to the male lead marriage would be a form of domestic abuse. 

7. That the femdom aspect that seems tied to female domination is so damn hot.. haha


Food for thought.

It is interesting to me that women are so more in tune with positions of leadership in a relationship.
They are willing to lead indirectly more so than directly. They fear the possibility of resentment forming or a subordinate rebelling and not wanting that anymore. They love the power of it but at the same time fear the effects. This I think comes from real life experiences in the past.

As a man these thoughts never crossed my mind. I never really questioned stuff that seemed normal or natural. I now see how I failed in recognizing the negative effects of that. Learning that lesson has been interesting. I looked at myself and found that in many ways those situations where a decision was made or needed, Mrs A would have done a better job. I also realized how comfortable I was with her control of that. Her power and tenderness that comes from being a strong confident bold women was very inviting and comfortable.

Power and tenderness are a combination best left to women. They are innately better at it. We are all safe in letting this happen when the roles are well established. Take parenting for example. Husbands leave the care of a helpless infant to the wife. The total power over such a small person is best managed in her hands. The empathy and tenderness she uses is awe inspiring and amazing to watch even.

I am not saying men cannot play those roles. But looking at a traditional husband led situation we all assume and expect that parenting part to be her role. I am just pointing out a significant reason why we feel that way. What I hope it leads you to ask now is "who is best in managing X?" let X stand for anything important in your life. I personally feel if you are in a loving relationship with a women you will find yourself saying, she would be the best.

What is hard for me at times is seeing how women never understand the potential and power they actually wield. They seem so drawn to men who look like they are strong and in charge and know what is best. They want this over confident bold alpha male. But then they hate it when they are not tender or empathic towards them. They love the power but are upset there is no tenderness. It is classic. They all are looking for that "prince charming" to save them. No person wants to play the savior of another. It is to much of burden. Even in light of that. Those men who are all power and no tenderness will ever get it. Thus, women at some point will realize that he is a "player" and no one likes to be played.

That is why I think most women who are in tune with themselves and understand the strengths they bring to the table are really looking for a successful alpha looking male who inside has a sub side.

Now, I know the above dialogue is written in terms of generalities. That many exceptions are freely seen everywhere. I am hoping the forest is what you see. Not just a single tree.

I say play the player ladies!


I have decided to post a blog. I was asked to find an outlet for some of this excessive energy I carrying. I am the classic married man of 20+ years. We have had an interesting life so far and I am happy to say have explored many aspects of what this world has to offer.

What started about a year ago was I stumbled upon information about FLR and Femdom items related to this. This information seemed to speak to me on various levels. I have discussed these things off and on over this last year with Mrs. A.

Mrs A is my lovely wife. she has been supportive and sympathetic. We have both seen in reflection that we have always been a dominate wife and a submissive husband. We also have had time in our life where we each took leadership roles in various parts of our life. It really has been an equal relationship... almost.

Mrs. A is always loving, gentle in how she controls things that matter to her. I love her for that. She is very comfortable in that role. She has done it in ways that it appeared I was play a role that I really was not. I laugh a little about this and she just smiles, that smile of knowing better.

We have children. We have jobs. We have kinks. We have needs. We have love. We have a dog.
We have the normal american life. I plan to share my point of view of this journey into these topics.

I wonder if Mrs A will even want this on a blog. I could get in trouble. Lets find out!!

These things stated here are just my opinion. Thats all!