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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Last night

Last night Mrs A went out to celebrate finishing a major project at work. She rarely drinks but felt like letting loose. I was at work then played hockey. She had me in some very pretty purple laced panties. I loved wearing them all day for her.

Mrs A texted during my game to tell me she would need a DD. I finished my game and went to pick her up at a local Irish Pub. We sat and visited with some friends and had a good time. I then politely took my Mistress home and helped her get ready for bed. After she was tucked in I showered and put my panties back on and headed to bed.

I heard her speak out softly, " I need you to show me how pretty you are in your panties."
I felt a flush of heat to my face. I turned the lights on and slowly moved around so she could see me. She had me come close so she could caress me. She did not say a word. After she was done she said "thank you." then turned and went to sleep. I on the other hand was a little worked up. I did my best to crawl in next to her and fall asleep. It did not come easy.

Here I am in my panties.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Life has been just an average vanilla thing around here recently. Mrs A has had her plate full with work and I have also. The end of the school year makes for a busy time too. Kids dance recitals, track and such.
Currently Mrs A has been making me fuck her very hard She likes to be on the bottom. She makes me hold her legs apart and then she grabs my collar and pulls me down to her face and looks me in the eye and tells me to fuck her. She eggs me on and tells me to do it better. She never lets go of the collar. She then allows me to cum. I have been spoiled.
We have big plans coming up over the next few months. We will be traveling to Boston then off to a little lake resort in the back mountains of Idaho then off to Europe for a month. I wonder what submissive trouble I will be allowed to get into.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Interesting proposal with a happy ending for all!

I recently ran into a lady friend who has expressed interest in playing with me sexually.  Mrs A has allowed me to flirt with her. She has been fun and we have not talk about my submissive side. We have been flirting in a very vanilla way. It has been fun. She finally asked to have a "date".

She wanted to cook dinner and have me over for a Friday night date. Mrs A gave me permission. I said yes and planned to meet her. I had many mixed emotions. I had many feeling of arousal and excitement. But at the same time the pressure to please another women worried me. Mrs A even had to coach me a little.

I went over to her house and we visited in the back yard on some lawn chairs. We then had a nice dinner in the living room. We started to make out a little. She was not wanting to go to far but as we made out she made the move. "Lets go to my room."

I was very comfortable and relaxed. She was too. I provided oral pleasure for a while then she went wild. Once again, I had another dominant women, she started instructing me to not come. She wanted certain things done before I came. She wanted to ride on top. She wanted me on top. She then wanted it from behind. Once she had enough she started to tease me to come. "come deep inside me" I of course obliged. We cuddled and talked for a while. Just our naked skin on skin. It was a wonderful night. It had to end because she had a friend staying over so I politely removed myself.

Mrs A had me immediately tell her the details. During this time she liked to tease me. She then told me to fuck her. "You big man you, having your cock in two women in a day." She then tease me by saying. "fuck me like a real man." "show me how you pleased her" It was messing with my sub Brain and I loved her for it.  It was a wonderful night.