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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I would love to know what Mrs A or any other mistress would think of these today!

What a world it use to be! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Broken heart syndrome.

The last two weeks have been emotionally intense for me. Mrs A and I have been finding our natural ebb and flow with me being more submissive. We have always been liberal in our view of sex and relationships but it has been an interesting transition.

Mrs A has had a steady lover recently. They really do not play much. She flirts with a few men, most will be people she plans to never meets in person. She also had a one night play date this week with a dominant male. That was portrayed in the last 2 post.

I have struggled with my submissive feelings. I told Mrs A that I worry over these feelings. Am I just owning who I truly am and am struggling against what it means to be truly submissive or am I actually changing who I am and am setting something down in trade off for something else.
She seems to think it is a little of both. Here is her text to me about this thought.

Mrs A: "That is what maturing is, I think. You realize more of who you are and you make your actions reflect that more than just want some vague concept of what society demands.

I wonder what I am letting go? Can I get it back? Do I care?
What changes will this make to Mrs A and I relationship?

I do know we are walking this road together. Mrs A has enjoyed and is very comfortable with all of it so far. At least it appears that way. I think I am driven to explore blogs and see how everyone adapts with similar feelings in their relationships. Many stories or shared feelings resonate to me. Many don't.

Mrs A does not seem to read these bogs. If she does she keeps it from me. I also worry she will interpret other dominants feelings as the ones she would need to have. I know there are dominants I would not be a good sub for.. haha or I think that!

But these recent submissive feelings of love and need to serve Mrs A has made me finally understand why men in long term relationships appear to have a 30% increase risk of dying in the 6 months after the lost of their spouse compared to men who have not lost their spouse. Where women on average to not have the same risk. I think that speaks to their independent dominant nature that women have innately. What draws me to Mrs A is clearly innate in her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How the cuckold event went down.

Mrs A was waiting for me when I got home. She had laid out on the bed my purple nightie. It is her favorite on me. I was also in purple panties and in my cock cage.

As I walked in Mrs A met me at the door. I could see that she was almost done getting ready for her date. I felt a little let down. I was looking forward to helping her get ready. It was clear Mrs A was excited to see her date and was planning for our time to be brief. She wanted the main event. Another mans cock. 

She was very nervous. It was cute to see. It made me excited for her. She did take the time to actually undress me. She caressed me and talked about how pretty I was. She reminded me how good of a boy I had been to be caged and in my pretty outfit. All while putting me in my nightie. She was teasing me about how it was so sad that we could not share her dates cock together. "I know how you would love that."  She was right.. haha

She then slowly pulled down her pants and asked if her date will like the panties.  She said they were her favorite ones I had recently bought. She placed me on my knees in front of her so I could get a better look. "I think he will love them my dear. They are amazing." I said.

Mrs A then pulled my face into her panties and told me to breath her in. It was wonderful. "Do you think he will like fucking my pussy?" Yes, My dear! Came my muddled reply.
Mrs A then pulled her panties down to allow me to use my tongue on her until she came. "Good Boy!"She kept saying.
It was the most wonderful feeling. Me kneeling while Mrs A orgasmed all over my mouth and face. 

After she came it was clear my time was done. She stood me up and made it clear my instructions for the night. One was that I needed to keep my panties and cage on until her return. I was to look at feminine things online and search for a better cock cage. She was expecting to be late. If I went to sleep I was to remain caged. It was important to her that while she takes her lover that I am locked up. 

She left around 8PM and did not return until 1230AM. She looked stunning. She had a glow about her that told me she loved her time. She was spent and ready for bed. She told me how much fun it was. She did not talk much detail but did remove my cage and stroked me, talking about how well I did for her. She allowed me to come. Then she promptly laid down and said we are going to sleep.

I was so wired and happy but unfilled by lacking all the details I could not sleep a wink. I tossed and turned all night.

I finally got up around 430 and went down stairs and cleaned the kitchen. I got ready to work out and prepared Mrs A coffee. She likes it to be at her bed side when she awakens. As I was placing it by her side of the bed she called for me.

She had me undress and cancel my training. I laid beside her. Holding me she FINALLY told me how it went.

She explain he was about 6'2 and 250 carried his weight well. She went straight to his room at 8.
They chatted and kissed then he slowly undressed her. He would not let her help. He took immediate control. She loved having a dominant male lover. He stayed dressed for a while admiring her and kissing her all over.

He then undressed and was immediately erect. He loved to fuck as she said it. He held her down, puller her hair, choked her it was rough. She was loving it. He made sure she felt safe and no boundaries were pushed. They played for 4 straight hours. He fucked her the whole time except when he had her give him oral. He came in her mouth. The rest of the time was safe sex. They would spend times chatting between playing. He kept constant contact with her body. He loved to cuddle and caress her.

She was sore afterwards. It has been a long time since she had that kind of play for so long. It was exactly what she wanted. She saw I was erect from her story so she allowed me to rub on her inner thighs until I came. After that she grabbed my cock and rubbed the head of it on her clit. It was so sensitive and drove me crazy. But she did this until she came.

After that I was kicked out of bed and sent to work!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Surprise cuckold day!

So last night I came home from my hockey game happy. I was able to play well and achieved all that Mrs A wanted from me. So I was going to be allowed to pleasure her with my tongue tonight as we talked of the game.

I walked into the room and she made me give a report on her day requirements of me. ( I will go over those another day) and also the list and game instructions she gave me.

Mrs A then reported that she wanted my cock first. She spanked me and made me fuck her hard until I came. She kept making me pump into her draining me and mixing up our orgasmic juices.
Then she had me pleasure her orally. She loves seeing me covered in cum on my lips, nose, and face. She came a few more times as we talked of the game and she went over the stats of the game. It was a wonderful night. She even search on my calorie counter to find a way to report and add in pussy juices and semen calories to my count.

So, This morning Mrs A left early to see her trainer. I was able to sleep in before going to work.
I awoke with a text from Mrs A that said simply I want you caged and in panties today.

So I sent pictures showing me in my panties and cage. I went with the plastic CB6000 today. It has a number lock on it.
Mrs A sent a text saying she is please and that she is happy I am such an obedient sub.

I sent back a text more or less saying I love being hers.

Mrs A: I love knowing that each twitch of your cock in that cage will remind you of me.

Me: I feel so much more settled when I do these things for you. I love being yours.

Mrs A: Good, Today you are going to prove to me how good a sub you are. I have a tryst planned for tonight. I will allow you to ask 5 questions about it.

As you could expect my mind exploded and raced all over the place. She is surprising me with a date she planned by herself without me. I am learning of it now. Then she is allowing my only 5 questions.

1. Where is it going to happen?

At a local hotel.

2. Is this a new person or your current boytoy?

Someone new.

3. Do we know him/her?

Neither of us know him in person. I know him from online.

4. When you say I am going to prove to you today how much I love you and love being your sub what did you mean?

You will be Caged and dressed pretty for me then you will help me get ready for me to go see him.
While I am gone you will stay caged and in panties. 

My cock was getting hard in my cage and dripping when she sent this text. I also felt humiliated it was quite an experiences. 

5. How long have you talked to this person and what does he know of us?

That is 2 questions you only have one more left.

5a. How long have you talked with this person.

We met him online a few years ago in a chat room. I have kept contact off and on over the years. He mentioned he be in town for work today and I agreed to meet him. I am wanting to play with the cuckold dynamics with you and he presented himself at the right time. He is someone we will never see again most likely. I am mostly aroused over you getting me ready while dressed all pretty and caged. I really like the power involved in this.

So here I sit. My mind racing, excited and afraid. Mrs A making such a bold move with me not involved in any way. She is getting more and more comfortable with her dominant side. I will see how comfortable I am with my sub side today.

Time will tell today!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Distracted Mistress.

I am at work and had sent Mrs A a text saying I love her and hope I am making her happy. That I have felt unsettled recently. She responded with the below text dialogue. I have a hockey game tonight. I have been concerned that my team may not turn out in force for the game which makes for a long game

Mrs A: My head has been distracted this week. I haven't been an attentive mistress.

Me: I may just be an over needy sub

Mrs A: That's your job :)

Me: I love you honey. You make me happy inside and out.

Mrs A: I hate it when you feel unsettled. I want you to feel secure and that your cared for and adored.

Me: Thanks I want the same for you.

Mrs A: So today I want you to write down 5 things that can make your hockey team better. You can show them to me and after your game tonight, if you have done the list, I will let you tell me about the game from between my legs.

So tonight I am going to get the privilege of pleasuring Mrs A. As long as I achieve my goals she has set for me. That is a for sure thing. Mrs A knows how much I love feeling her pleasure on my tongue.
I wonder if I will get to use her cock too. She may rather keep it aching for her a little longer. But at least we both will have the pleasure of her orgasms to enjoy.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A small coffee date.

I have had a little crush on a nice lady I see off and on at work. We have texted and bantered back and forth.

Mrs A has many requirements of me, one is that I must attempt to flirt with who I like and also report in detail all interactions. Mrs A has known for sometime my secret little crush I have on a lady I see at work some days. Mrs A really likes to indulge me and tease me about this lady often.

Mrs A instructed me to create situations where Mrs A and this lady would meet and interact. She teases me that if she can she will claim her before me or in front of me.  It is mostly just a fun game for us to use in our own personal play. Another way for Mrs A to exert her power and dominance. She would absolutely take her strap on and make love to this girl in front of me knowing my little crush. Mrs A knows how to tease me so well.

Well, This crush actually allowed me to take her to coffee today. It was a pleasant time that went for a little over an hour. We talked of every day things. I have been upfront about me being married and a submissive to my wife. She has found that intriguing. She and Mrs A have talked some but nothing regular.

I did surprise her with a little gift card to a lingerie store for christmas. As I said we have flirted and texted for sometime. I encouraged her to find something that makes her feel beautiful and desired. It was to push things between us but at the same time create a bond over feminine things. This lady has started to tease me in a dominant way at times.

It has been a fun thing. I am not sure what I even want out of it. I like it as is. If anything I would love to see my crush get curious enough she starts to push back with interest in exploring this with me and maybe Mrs A.

Until then it is a way to pass the time, I guess. A little mental puzzle to keep coming back to when I feel the need.

She is a natural red head. My first real crush growing up was with a little red hair girl down the street. Who knows maybe I am trying to connect with my inner child. HaHa

Thanks all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First day of school

Mrs A had her first class of the year today. She travels about 50 miles away to the local university where she teaches.
She texted me out of the blue

" That was fun"

My sub mind raced with the possibilities. Did she mean the class? Did she meet her current lover on the side? Was it something else?

I texted back

"Your Class?"

She knew what she was doing to me. I struggled trying to stay on topic at work as I waited for her text.

She called.

I raced to answer the phone. She talked of her day and all the things she enjoyed but never mentioned what she was referring to in her text.
I tried to be polite and follow her conversation. I did a good job I think. She then said she had to go and hung up.

A little while later a text came saying she meant her class.

I smiled inside. She knows how to tease me so well.

She did add " But I did met my car guy also"

I immediately perked up.

"How as he?"

"He was good, We met in a parking lot close to his work but not at his work"

Me: "did you play?"

Mrs A: " we kissed but I am not one for public play" "It was fun to see how wired he was to see me"

Now my cock was getting hard.

Me: "thank you for sharing, It is so arousing to see someone hunger for you in their eyes"

Mrs A: "yes, it is. He seems to want this to go on for a long time"

Me: "All I know is this time it has felt different to me being your submissive. I have enjoyed you having a lover in a very different way than in the past"

Mrs A: "would you want a threesome with him."

Me: "what does he know of us? Are you talking a vanilla threesome"

Mrs A: "yes, he has no knowledge of me being your domme"

Me: " I am happy to be involved if you wish this my love"

Mrs A: "ok, I will see. It is fun to see someone who the doors of sexual exploration has been open for him" "The excitement of the possibilities are palpable of him"

Me: "I remember those days" "Now I am wanting to share the pitfalls too.. haha"

Mrs A: "I want you to know it has been a great day for me but I trade it all to be with you"

Me: "Thank you my love. I know how you feel for me. I am just happy you had a good day too"

Mrs A: " Now I need dinner. " See you tonight my little sub".

So, Mrs A still has on my agenda a threesome with 2 men. She seems to be adding a vanilla one with her and her car guy in the near future. What am I to do but play my part. Well, With a big smile on my face.
Here is a partial pic she had me pose for, for her pleasure.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

submissive feelings

I have had a couple interactions with Mrs A recently that makes me wonder how much a dominant understands submissive emotions and needs. There are some Dominants who would say who cares, it is my needs and expectations that must be met. My submissive needs should be fulfilled in fulfilling mine.

I can see how that works a percentage of the time. I see that working in a play scenario setting. I do not see that working in a real married or committed relationship.

Mrs A wants me to give up two memberships we have. They are mainly for me. One is to a country club and the other is season tickets to a local college football team. She feels I do not use them enough to make me happy. She rather I spend money somewhere else. She put me on my knees and had me explain why they make me happy. I did but she felt that was not good enough.

The happiness I get from them are from a submissive view. She cannot see that in this setting or at least does not feel it is worth the trade off. It was hard not to stonewall Mrs A. I know that is being a bad diva and she would have pushed though that if I toyed with it longer but she did not.

We have never been one to use sex as a form of punishment. I have seen sex being used as a form of reward though. It feels like punishment when you do not obtain the reward. It is also punishment when you achieve the reward but are not given it.

I think the inconsistency in our FLR and Femdom plays into our problem.
Mrs A does not feel it is inconsistent she knows she is in charge and is very content.  But as the submissive it is very inconsistent. I think some use a contract to help with these things. Mrs A is adamant that will not happen. She wants me to just take charge of telling her when I feel disconnected, but that does not work either. Kind of goes against the grain sort of speak. If I do then it is a submissive being a diva or topping from the bottom.

Now talking of these things they are very minor and we do talk about them. Direction is slow in coming though. We both understand. It is just interesting to see. Mrs A at least is very keen on what my needs are. She still has mixed emotion on taking 100% control of them. She likes this 70/30 thing. I take 30% responsibility and her 70%.

Like last night. She climb into bed and said if I wanted to please her why was I not caressing her, touching her, kissing her body when I felt that urge. So when I did this she then was who gave you permission, who said you could touch me there, etc etc.. To me I am confused and unsure. To her it is clear.. haha

I just find being a submissive there are many things a dominant can do to open a door to the raw side of your heart. When it is opened and feed with love it is the most exciting rewarding thing for both. But when it is opened and overlooked, ignored, even hurt it is so hard to overcome sometimes.

I would love to hear from anyone on how they handle things.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Date

I was to have a threesome with two other males last night. It fell though. Mrs A was all excited and worked up over it until I told her that it was not going to happen and had been postponed.

Mrs A for the last three days has been teasing and denying me. She said she wanted my Balls full for when they fucked me. She wanted me to have a nice sissygasm for them. She talked how excited they would be to see there little toy be so pleasured by being used as a fuck toy.

The morning of the supposed date she told me that I would need to meet her on my knees after our work outs. Her training session is a little later than mine, so she felt that was plenty of time to prepare for her.

Mrs A instructions were clear.  1. Wear the purple nightie. 2. Put on her favorite blue panties
3. be on my knees when she walks into the bedroom.
She then took pictures of me and teased me mainly focused on my date that did not happen.

When I broke the news to her that they would have to reschedule she responded
" I want you to do everything in your power to make this happen this week" "Your mistress wants this for you now"
So Friday may be the day I am trying to reschedule.

She did allow me to orgasm last night after three days of tease and denial. She was averaging 3 to 4 tease sessions a day. I was a leaky faucet haha.

So last night  I was allowed to orally worship her for about an hour. It was awesome. She then said she wanted all my cum. She laid back and made me mount her. She spanked my ass and whipped me until I came inside her. She loved it.

As we laid their together. My head in her lap her caressing me. She told me that I was to start a new diet program tomorrow.  OUCH!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year

House full of college kids and many people coming and going leaves us looking and acting like a vanilla couple. So the spice we love has been in short supply.

We had an enjoyable new year party. The football games were a mix for what we wanted but overall a grand day. I was in full swing with the bubbly.

Mrs A was stalked by 2 men at the party. They circled around her like birds afraid they may be hurt but so enticed they could not but try. It was fun to watch.

Mrs A had on numerous occasion conversations with them. They would want to talk with her "alone"..haha

One said he found it arousing more or less watching how she clearly dominants me in public.

I hope 2015 was a grand year for you and that 2016 will take you farther.