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Monday, August 15, 2016


Punishment and Denial are interesting things. Mrs A loves to deny me by denying herself orgasms delivered by me. She sometimes pleases herself in front of me. That is my biggest frustration and makes me struggle emotionally.

She knows that I love to please her. She rarely asks me to do chores. I would say maybe one a week. Typically it is a simple one.  I do them willingly and she knows I find great reward in that. I have taken on most of the cooking recently. The kitchen has become my domain not hers as it use to be. She likes that this has happened. She likes to call when I am work and ask what I like to cook her that evening.

She has whipped me at times. But it is more for her enjoyment than punishment. It is interesting how she chooses her path of ownership and leadership. I love her leading. I love worshiping her. But it is clearly different that the stereotypical things you read in blogs.

That brings me to another interesting thought. I find myself drawn to empowered women. The ones who have learned their feminine strength and use it wisely. The ones that are not hiding weakness or insecurities behind fake strength do not draw my submissive but pulls on my dominate side.  I love the ones who love themselves and know the strength they have inside. Mrs A is that. I know I am someone who can only submit to Mrs A. But I wonder? Am I naturally submissive to women. Would I also submit to another strong woman like Mrs A? I wonder if I would submit to a strong confident alpha male?

The idea of a strong man in our relationship intrigues me, specially a Bi sexual one. Things to think on... hmmmm  I hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Paris and the two drunk lesbians

We went out one night in Paris. Mrs A took me to specific bars that cater to a mix of sexuality. She wanted me to flirt with men and watch me from a distance. She told me I could not tell anyone that we were married. I was free to tease and play with anyone. She put me in a nice pair of yellow panties for the night and it was fun. I felt her eyes on me all night.

I had a Brazilian hit on me all night. Mrs A was watching the whole time. I could see her smiling at times. Her eyes were full of dominate delight. It was fun of me too. I felt desired and he was very bold with me. We danced and had a grand time. We even made to some. He clearly wanted more of me. I was nervous but excited. He then had to go with his friends. He said he would return but never did.

 Mrs A then introduced me to two lesbians at the bar and we visited. They invited us back to their apartment. We enjoyed dancing and listening to music. They were fun to visit with and to hear how they felt about American politics. I missed the Brazilian.

All in all it was fun for us both. Very different then our vanilla nights out. Mrs A was frustrated we did not bing her strap on. There was many nights on this trip so far she wanted to own me. It will come with us next time for sure.

We headed from Paris to Normandy then Belgium. Mrs A mentioned that our last days, which is spent in Amsterdam, She may pick out people to play with me while she watches.