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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Life has been way busy.
It is amazing how just getting the things done that is pushed upon you from the outside world takes up all you time.
Mrs A time has been taking up with charity boards and her work. It is a busy time for her.
I still get her coffee each morning. We fall in bed late and tired at night.

I do see that the old routine returns to some degree. It is natural that Mrs A is head of our house. She still does that as natural as breathing. The femdom stuff does suffer.

I hope all is well.


Right after I posted this I received this text;

"It seems so wrong to be so close and so far away."

It is a simple statement. Mrs A outside on the deck. I in my room. I knew I was being summoned.

Then in front of the family, Mrs A said "Dad is on kitchen duty after dinner. You need to get it done before running off."