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Monday, May 30, 2016

Edged into goonville.

My last orgasm came on Thursday last week. Mrs A has been edging me every day since then. Last night was a slow tease over about an hour. I was leaking pre cum everywhere. She kept feeding it to me.
She told me over and over I would not be cumming. She has had me in my cock cage during this time. She is pretty clear that I cannot be trusted. I sit here at work, caged and feeling full. She took the key and is on a memorial day hike with some ladies. 
She made it clear I was not going to come tonight either. Mrs A has so far had about 20 orgasms since Thursday. I have help with all of them I think. It is amazing how easy it is to be denied when I can feel the pleasure and release she is experiencing. It is an amazing thing.
It does affect my mind. I see how these goon parody has some truth to it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Caged, panties on and in my thigh high stockings!

I came home from work last night. I had enjoyed a day of working in panties. Mrs A said to me as I walked into our room, take your clothes off and come join me in bed. So, I did. She then asked if I had done what she asked of me. I was to do or buy something under 10 dollars that shows her I was thinking of her all day. I said yes as I retrieved my items. I bought cheap wild colored nail polish. It was something out of our normal routine and I wanted to mix it up.

She laughed and love it. We shared stuff of our day as we cuddled, me in her lap. After a while she painted my nails on my left hand and asked me to put on a teddy and lip stick. As I returned to bed she said. "You can only please me with your pretty hand tonight."
"OK" I said
"I want you to stand here so I can admire your outfit."She ordered.
I complied.

We then cuddled some more,  I was getting deeper in to a submissive state. My nightie was silky and was arousing to my skin. Mrs A noticed and teased me a little. She edged me by wrapping the nightie around my cock and stroke me then alternated with oral at times. She did this slowly and over a while. Never letting me get close to an orgasm.

"I want you to get on all fours and face the foot of the bed." She ordered.

Mrs A then started fingering and massaging my prostate. She would touch my cock off and on but focused more on the prostate. It was pushing me to another orgasm. It is such a different sensation, it was having the effect she wanted. Soon I could tell this was a different type of edging. No orgasm was coming.

She said to me as she trusted into me. "You will not have an orgasm tonight." I want you caged and in panties tomorrow." "I want you to ache for me all day tomorrow."
She then ended by saying. "Maybe at 930pm tomorrow you can have an orgasm."

She stopped touching me then. It felt awful to lose physical contact with her. I was so deep in submission.  She had me lay in her lap and caressed me. That felt nice. It was hard to calm myself.  I was worked up and was finding it hard to focus on anything but wanting her, tasting her, pleasing her.

As I laid there I started to rub her clit over panties. She immediately noticed it was with the wrong hand. I was using the non pretty hand. She grabbed me and pulled me away. She was looking at me with that look that I have come to know as I am in BIG trouble.  I had failed her.
"Bend over my lap." She uttered.
I was shaking but did as I was told. She then started to lecture me as she pulled my scrotum and cock away from my body. She commenced to start spanking my balls over and over. Telling me what a bad boy I was, with every hit.  She had  me to repeat the rule to her as she kept spanking. I felt like crying because I had failed her. The spankings hurt but were arousing me. The emotional roller coaster was crazy.

I was instructed to lay on my side of the bed. I went from scrotal spanking to no touch what so ever. The lack of touch hurt worse. I was struggling with my feelings. I wanted a hug. I wanted to cry. I wanted to please her. I wanted to obey. Mrs A had gotten up and went to getting ready for bed and close the house down. After a while I got up and got ready for the next day.

 As she came to bed I struggled on what to do. I laid still. Mrs A's dominant side came through. She grabbed my head and wrapped her legs around it and allowed me to orally pleasure her until her needs were sated. She grabbed my head and pulled, pushed, grind on my face over and over as she came a few times. She throw me away then drag me back for more. Then all of sudden I hear.
"I want you to go to sleep now."

SO the night ended well for us both. I am denied, caged, panties on and in stockings at work. Mrs A is relaxing and enjoying her after glow of her orgasmic night.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are you wearing something beautiful today?

Mrs A today asked me if I was wearing something beautiful. I was getting ready for the day and was debating if I wanted normal Joe underwear or a soft lace lined panty. Toying with it in my mind is fun.
I usually, if one my own don't pick the panties. I want to mainly because it makes me feel sensual and I like how it feels on me. It makes me feel feminine. Mrs A asking me before I left gave me permission. I hope she enjoys thinking of me in them. I love it when she enforces, encourages, or craves me being submissive. It is an interesting thing to see the ebb and flow of that.
So, today I am in a nice purple cotton panty with laced edges it rides on my ass nicely. It makes me think of strong hand using my body for his pleasure.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Domme's View

From Mrs A:

My deviant little submissive loves to share his thoughts about our pretty little world. I thought I would share mine.

I don't know if I have always been dominant or simply grown more so throughout the years we have been together. I've always been a highly sexual and sensual woman with strong physical needs. He has always been more cuddly and affectionate; he always seeks me out to be held, touched, or talked to.  I've always been more sexually driven, craving more powerful interchanges. While we have always had a highly active sex life, he usually initiated touch and I usually initiated sex. Truly, it is our favorite way to tell each other that we love each other. Often, words just don't suffice or are too hard to wrestle with. Touch works far better for us both.

Over the past year or so, we have gradually explored far deeper into the dominant/submissive world. In many ways, it has been a natural fit for me. It gives me an outlet for the control I enjoy and often deeply crave.

I have found many pleasures that I never suspected. For example, when he first wore panties, I was stunned to find myself intensely aroused at the sight. I loved how he moved in them. Everything changed in him. He was intensely self aware. He touched himself differently, moved differently, looked at me differently. It was like finding another lover tucked behind his usual and lovely face.

[He is currently very nervous that I am writing. That pleases me. :)]

This has also given me lots of strange questions to answer. It often pushes on my own gender identity in ways that have been quite difficult for me. There are some aspects of femininity that seem to slip off me in ways that are disturbing to me. I am perplexed by what is a role and what is my nature.  It is a strange place to wonder if he wishes for me or for my power over him or if there is any separation between the two. Sometimes, it seems very stark and other times, it seems like there is no boundaries between them. I don't know if that will make sense to anyone but me, since it often doesn't make sense even to me. :)

Altogether, it has been a wild journey thus far, and I'm deeply curious to see where it goes next.