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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The london cuckold.

We just spent 5 lovely days in London. We are on to Paris now.  Mrs A during this short visit has had aggressive sexy with 2 additional men. We spent a lovely evening out with the one I knew about. Even this one Mrs A said to me she had no plans to "mess around with him." But at the end of our night out I was asked to wait in the bar until she was done. It is a very mental game for me. I had a proper english tea in the middle of the night while I waited.
Mrs A had me up before he had left, to let me know my position. She had me say good bye and tell him that we had a lovely night with him. He even said: "Wow, you should see what you allowed me to do to your wife." it was in jest but non the less it left me very submissive. I felt emotionally fragile but was so happy Mrs A had a good time. It is all for her.
Mrs A teased me the next morning in bed as she gave me the details of her tryst.

The suddenness of being told and her leaving for her new rendezvous took me by surprise. She had warned me, in a way, about the first. But the second was dropped on me in seconds. She left me alone in the hotel room and went to see this other man. She does not even talk of him or what they did at all to me.
Two so close to each other has been hard on my head. Specially when we are far from home on a trip together to celebrate our wedding anniversary and Mrs A birthday,  But once again she is in charge and it is "all for her."


  1. That would have my head spinning as well. You are a very lucky cuckold, some of us likely will never have that experience. Thanks you for sharing it.